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june 19th: the birthday party.


once upon a time, we threw a party for TWO children. if you had pulled up alongside me walking down the sidewalk five years ago and asked me where i saw myself in five years, the last thing i would have imagined would have been attending a birthday party for my two children.

but, there we were. scurrying about doing our annual last minute party preparations. it wasn't quite as frantic as usual. i mean, there was definite flurrying, but there was somehow less psychological pressure. i suppose the addition of another child knocked down my energy levels for such trivialities just that much more.

we did some joint cleaning and brian took the kids somewhere. the store? for a trip through the starbucks drive-thru? both?

i just know i had some precious time to myself to stand around in my green nightgown decorating cakes and cupcakes. and, of course, it ended up being much more time-consuming than i had planned on. i had to bust out some creativity getting together the "platter" to hold the cake-scape and then bust out some more creativity figuring out how to execute the cake-scape. i had already spent hours and hours figuring out the best way to go in my head and i was pleased to finally be able to exorcise all that mental madness for good.

my parents were the first to arrive and i dashed away to change clothing. robert and joanne actually showed up. i wasn't sure if they would, due to some confusion when i dropped off the invitation. i explained what it was for to joanne three times. i think she was getting confused between the party we'd had for oliver the day prior and the party we were inviting her to that was still in the future. they didn't stay for long and i felt bad because i didn't really get to talk to them and then they were gone. she left behind two 24 piece puzzles wrapped in old wall paper. she later said she thought i might kill her for giving oliver something too difficult to work. i assured her three times that he'd been completing 36 piece puzzles for about two years.

pretty much everyone else was fashionably late: darren, my sister and nephew, rachel, martin, olivia, annette, andrea, marianne, claire, and eventually paul. we didn't do too badly with filling the house considering ashleigh couldn't make it since she had gotten a job and moved to tyler and brian's mother had made plans to be in okc that weekend and dave was working and mara and donnie were out of town and my grandparents had decided to go gambling (again).

about an hour into the party, i looked up at the back door and saw brian's brother standing there with his wife and 11 month old daughter. brian's brother likes to surprise people, so they had driven the three hours from okc as a pleasant surprise. we actually had three children as guests. delightful.

everything hummed along as usual. violet wore her vintage party dress. oliver wore his threadless fish-in-a-bubble-hat-and-suit shirt. people ate. children opened gifts. people sang, candles were extinguished, and cake was eaten.

oliver blows out his candles on the tree and violet blows her candle out on the cupcake sun. i busy myself looking like an amazon. did i mention how piss poorly the 35mm shots came out? so much disappointment. i didn't have the mental resources to work on finding a working flash AND working batteries, but i am prepared for next year.

this is old news, but violet started standing up during the party and i'm told she also mimicked the barking dog and meowing cat from the buttons on her new book from nana and grandpa.

after a couple of hours, people began filtering out and we decided to forage the party food from the table for dinner. it made cleaning up a little bit easier.

i was mostly pleased with how the cake turned out, though every last photo of it completely sucked. in case you need help identifying later, the cake is a fruit tree with cupcake grass, a cupcake nest with chocolate bird, and a cupcake sun. so what if the bird decided to make a ground nest. oliver had told me he wanted a bird to be there with his cake tree and by god, a bird with his cake tree he shall have.

i admit the frosting colors were not what you would call vivid, but they did look better in person. it was artificial color-free. matcha tea green and turmeric yellow. the berry pink didn't make it to the cake because my flower frosting tip was busy hiding in my purse.

when i asked oliver which piece he would like to eat (this was his first year eating cake AND frosting), he chose the bird. i still feel a little bit like throwing up remembering that child taking bite after bite... he didn't even bother removing the chocolate chip bird. just chewed straight threw it. i'm surprised he didn't take ill after that. it was something else.


violet and darren. and violet and dylan. and the frog.

violet with nana and grandpa.

group shot.

violet opening presents with the aid of my nephew and sister.

oliver and his soccer mug from nana and grandpa. oliver and claire wading through the gift table.

marianne and claire. claire was really into olivia.

darren. he needs some kind of therapy to get him to stop sticking his tongue out when i take his picture.

darren, no tongue.

rachel and martin.

oliver came extraordinarily close to falling asleep on uncle darren's lap. i think we even tried putting him in his bed, to no avail.

violet seems unsure of her cousin, kinsleigh.

this might have been why.

the after party.
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