changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

window, fare thee well.

oliver was more hesitant to go into his classroom today, even knowing elizabeth was in there somewhere. the halls were much crazier. i saw marianne and john taking claire to her first couple of hours in the classroom without them. marianne is frazzled. claire cried when they left. i peeked in the window on my way back out and she seemed to be sitting quietly on her teacher's lap.

i returned home to what i thought was the landscaping crew. they were stirring at my presence. i then realized they were the home depot window crew and they had already unloaded our new view to the outside world in the grand hall. they were early!

i made violet some more oatmeal and now we're sequestered back in oliver's ransacked room. half the cats scattered before i could lock them up. i think one of them is under the bed upon which i sit. ttyki's just acting like nothing's happening while she continues to sit on her dining room chair. i'm sure before it's all over, she'll hop down and saunter across the room, leaving the workers to think they've just seen la chupacabra.

they busted out the poor, old window in no time flat to the melodic strains of a song from a faraway land. i quietly said goodbye to the old girl in my head. wished her well. thanked her for all her years of dutiful service. it's probably best she goes now, considering her tree friend has already made off for greener pastures. i'm sure she's sorrowful to no longer be able to frame nature's beauty. who would want to hang around framing a brick wall?

though i miss oliver terribly, i'm feeling a burning desire to get on my horse and go to town. cooking, working out, cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping with half as many children, overdue livejournal updating, class catching upping, resume sending outing.

violet keeps using oliver's dirty underpants as bracelets.

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