changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
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jeremiah cunningham.

i am so excited.

as you know, we used to get our eggs from supernatural meats down at the farmers' market. after awhile, it got kind of tricky because we would have to squeeze in the trip downtown saturday morning and make it back for oliver's little gym class and it could be spotty whether they even had eggs available.

then, we noticed jeremiah cunningham's world's best eggs at whole foods and checked them out and decided to start using those. though i still feel guilty about not going to supernatural meats.

i've been saying i want to take oliver to a family farm this fall when it cools off. all the farms around here are at least an hour away. then, last night, i was googling jeremiah's farm and realized it's only 8-10 miles from our friend's house in austin. i emailed the farm seeing if they allow visitors and received a response right away:

Hi Beth -

We love to show families around our farm. Thank you for asking.

We prefer weekdays if possible. If you can't dot hat then I will show you around early on a Saturday morning. We put in a lot of hours each week, and I am sure you understand that a bit of rest, and having Sunday as a day off is important for all of us.

See me some possible day/times and we will make it work!
Jerry (Jeremiah) Cunningham
Coyote Creek Farm
Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill
World's Best Eggs

i am smitten. and, i smell a three day weekend in october with a ancillary visit to a cavern. i cannot wait to run around in a field filled with fluffy chickens.
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