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changing lives since 2003

violet: an update.

oliver and brian are taking their shower/bath and violet refused to follow me to my addiction, so i just went hunting for her and found her on the floor in oliver's room next to his "craft table" (which currently resembles more of a crap table) and she had out a piece of paper and a crayon, like she totally knows what she's doing.

my baby is at that age where you constantly feel like you have some kind of a miracle child. new tricks abound. this morning, she started saying ttyki to ttyki and ttyki lunged for her and later bit my hand when i intercepted. yesterday morning, she let violet pet her head. ttyki maintains her status of being unpredictably nuts.

my mother claims violet took a couple of steps while we were in her office last monday, but that doesn't count since i did not bear witness. brian claims she did it again yesterday, but that doesn't count since i did not bear witness. i had my camera at the ready while we were in the target toy aisles yesterday, like i'm some kind of motherly maniac, which i am.

i always sit down to write about the many new virtues of violet, and then i can't seem to remember them for some reason. her powers of peek-a-boo are increasing. she likes to slowly rise to her feet unassisted on the bed in the morning and then smile her gap-tooth grin because she's pleased as punch with herself. she's a really good eater, but wasn't pleased by the palak paneer. considering i already know it was lacking, i have to give her credit for her discerning taste. she loves fruit. we'll be splitting a personal-sized watermelon soon. she ate her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich on thursday.

she helps me put her clothes on and take them off, now including her bottoms. she likes to brush her own hair and teeth. she enjoys putting objects in and out of the honey bears and likes a good book. she'll sit for ages looking at board books, which i've finally wised up and seeded our bookshelves with.

she sometimes hangs on to the toilet and puts her feet into the potty chair.

she can put on a pair of sunglasses and this week started jumping from the edge of the pool and it's the cutest thing ever. she kick-kick-kicks her way back through the water and mimics when you say "wheeeee!" she barks when dogs bark and falls into unrequited love every time one strolls by.

she'll act shy when she first see you and then, seconds later, will fall your direction with her arms outstretched. she'll snuggle her head into your chest.

she really likes getting into the lowest tier of my pantry door spice rack and pretends to drink the vanilla extract. after a very slow start, she loves all things bottle, including beer, gin, vodka, water, and vanilla. this extends to cups and empty cans. she enjoys banging her kleen kanteen on the table as loudly as she can. she put away her toys the other day.

she's learning how to throw tantrums.
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