changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

first day of school! again!

i CANNOT believe the summer is over. after about the first week and a half, i let go of my anxiety over being home alone with two children all day every day and submitted to the fact of my reality. and everything felt a little better. i mean, i feel totally strung out and finally gave up on my second online course (to be picked back up now that summer's over) and on getting much of anything except the barest of necessities accomplished around my homestead, but we had good times. i wish i had buckled down and gotten more fun stuff underway, but that's just how i roll.

after a summer off, my anxiety about returning him to practical strangers intensified. i still want to cry, and haven't quite yet. i feel like running back over there and snatching him away and going to do something fun. he still keeps telling me he doesn't want to go to school and then clamming up when i try to ask him to talk to me about it, which he's been doing since he was in school last spring. but he started to get a little excited when we were getting ready to head out. i got us there a little early so i could sit with him in the hall for a bit, so i didn't have to throw him straight into the shark pool. i think a lot of kids might be skipping today, because not many people were showing up by the time i had left (maybe they were as confused as i was about when school started, which would make me feel better).

he clung to me out in the hall, as he's always done, and i finally gave him the little push to go say hi to mrs bailey and get things started.

my camera battery died before i could take any photos at the school.

boo hoo.

hey. this says my name.

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