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more of our staycation: the train.

holy shit, guys. it's supposed to be 105 degrees tomorrow.

holy shit, guys. it's 9pm here and my computer says it's something like 99 degrees out there. in the dark.

tomorrow will be a day to place stressors on our social anxieties. when oliver was taking swim lessons a couple of weeks ago, i ended up chatting with the father of his swim mate, noah. his wife came with him on another day for another chat. they're nice people, but i'm thinking we're polar opposites on many fronts.

on the last day of class, i took photos of noah on the slide since his dad had forgotten to bring a camera and dad said mom would like to arrange a playdate with the boys. and they actually followed through with it. they live up the street from us at the village apartments where our old, faithful duck pond lives. we have been invited to swim in one of their many pools tomorrow at 10am. we had the option of a late afternoon cook out, but we decided to side step that whole, complicated food-eating business.

yesterday was a landmark day for the rainey-ellis family. after putting it off for something like eight years, we finally took a ride on the light rail. we were going to be super industrious and go down to fair park to the incredibly quaint aquarium, but we quickly changed our minds after about two seconds in the heat, which made the train transfer and short walks from our stops to the far side of fair park with two children seem pretty undesirable. and thank god we swung that way, because i was dying by the end of our truncated trip.

we drove two stops north of the stop nearest our house in order to enhance our experience with a couple of extra hills. this stop also provided the bonus of riding in an elevator (something children are typically keen to do) that smelled strongly of urine. i questioned what would possess someone to feel the elevator is a good place to tinkle.

my goodness, i just caught a glimpse of brian trying to sit in the lotus position. i bet that hurt.

anyway, we managed to be in front of the right door for hauling in strollers and we marveled at how riding the train made us feel like we were in a completely different city. we were also surprised that we had no idea the train goes underground for several miles. how about that.

we hopped off at the pearl street stop and walked a couple of blocks to the chase building. this time, they let us in and we took the ear-manipulating express elevator ride up to the sky lobby where i had completely forgotten about the room filled with fountains and pools. brian gave oliver a penny with which to make a wish in one of the fountains and violet walked all around holding on to me with just one hand. perhaps because the pull of gravity was weaker way up there. later, i managed to dig out another penny to hand to oliver for more wishing (brian suggested wishing for puppies and i suggested brian keep his mouth shut) and, at the last second, i thought the penny had looked different and i snatched it back to find i had given him a 1901 indian head. i traded it back into my purse for a 1959 penny. which is still kind of fancy, but not as.

anyhow, we plunged back into the heat and made our way back to the train and missed our train by about .5 seconds and only because we were at a door with steps and no place for a stroller. not that violet was sitting in the stroller, mind you. then, we nearly got on the one headed to downtown garland, except i remembered at the last second we were at a station where all the lines converged. it took something crazy like 15-20 minutes for our train to show. i know it sounds ridiculous to act like 15-20 minutes is a huge inconvenience, but let's not forget the heat and how i was starting to swoon for food and hydration and needed to pee and was holding a baby who wanted down to explore.

we survived and oliver liked the train and he took a nap and then we ran to whole foods so i could gather materials to make my first batch of palak paneer, but then i chickened out because it was getting late upon our arrival home. so i fell back on my third batch of veganomicon's penne vodka. and let the record show that it is still a winning dish when using cashews instead of almonds and when you have no basil. and when you substitute the penne with conchiglie. there was vodka in the sauce, at least.

while i was slapping all that together, brian took oliver and violet on an adventure, which turned out to be a trip in my car through a car wash. oliver had the distinct pleasure of going through with his window cracked and violet started to squawk with fear until brian covered her car seat with a blanket, like she was a little canary.

today, we made it to the Y, after brian last-minutedly declined yesterday morning. the lady who returned violet to me mentioned yet again what a cuddle bug she is and also how oliver is such a good big brother who plays nicely with his sister and i checked the name tags on their shirts to make sure i was getting the correct children.

oliver napped yet again and violet politely declined after nursing for 45 minutes and still being wide awake. we ran errands to drop off recycling and, since violet was now napping, i basically drove brian around on his errands at herb mart, chase, and the post office. i thought i'd be fancy and hop into world market for cumin seeds to use in the palak paneer, but they had none. i found other things to make my trip worthwhile and then had to put them back after realizing i had no wallet.

back home, i sliced up baked tofu (my paneer replacement) and stewed up the palak while brian took oliver to the white rock lake dog park for a vicarious pet ownership experience. the palak paneer was not what you would get at taj express, but it was okay. we'll try again to see if it can be improved upon. tomorrow: a new lentil stew recipe.


violet was very anxious to get her hands on that red button.


straight across the tracks from the pearl street stop. tex avery's alma mater. such a shame it hasn't been kept up. check out those lamp posts.

ps: violet has started blowing on her food before eating it. she is an advanced baby. she has also made a return to biting the shit out of me and left another nasty bruise on my upper arm while i was dragging her around the calypso cooler the other day. the life guard standing in the shallows kept looking our direction every time i hollered to her that she was hurting me. she nearly took off a finger when i attempted to block her teeth from my shoulder. she thinks it's completely hilarious.
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