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let's catch up!: wed 8/4 - tues 8/10. uncut and unedited.

back last wednesday, my age increased suddenly and violently by one year. like, overnight.

i told you about my exciting day filled with cake baking and a/c repair man babysitting. i'm pleased to report the a/c has maintained consistent, adequate temperatures during the intervening days.

since JD was slow in returning to my home to install the new motor, i got a late start for dinner. brian and dave were already seated at cosmic cafe by the time i arrived with my double-filled papoose. i splurged with a cup of squash bisque before my curried vegetables with rice. we were unfit company for our childfree companion. my head felt empty and we were kind of doing that thing where we were eating quickly before something had a chance to go horribly wrong. oliver kept saying he needed to potty because he thought we would take him to the restroom upstairs, which we didn't.

dave brought gifts: a plastic boat from some science museum in michigan or somewhere. the kids had a hoot of a time playing with it in the pool the next day. he also turned over some shampoo/conditioner/lotion bottlelets from some premier W hotel experience he had, as well as some kind of massage oil he received when he turned 40. oh yes, and he accidentally re-gifted an ornament that brian had received from a co-worker and re-gifted to dave. how embarrassing. for someone somewhere.


we ditched dave and zipped back home where my luscious cake was waiting for all of us. i stabbed it with a candle, everyone (named brian or oliver) sang happy birthday, and i blew a tiny sprinkling of salivatory dew all over the cake. you could practically measure the rate at which the sugar was entering oliver's bloodstream by observing the increase in his frenetic behavior.

for my birthday, brian got framed a fancy painting oliver had made during the school year. and oliver did the sweetest thing ever and took some of his papers and wrapped up two presents for me: an empty crayola map color box and an apple he picked from grandpa and nana's tree. it was so stinking cute.

this was my experiment with coloring frosting with cherries and having tiny pieces of cherries getting stuck in the flower frosting tip i was using for the first time and having the cherry juice making the frosting too loose. it is accompanied by some lovely flowers my parents sent over.

these are my children playing nicely together, for however long it lasted.

ignore the couch.


thursday morning, i hauled children to Bounce U and oliver did a pretty good job of going nuts. he was all over the place. in the meantime, i was busy being mauled by girls in the 8-10 year age range because i was holding a small child. they were ALL OVER HER. one girl couldn't keep her hands off violet's face and i finally had to lay down the law when she went as far as kissing her on the mouth. GERMS. eventually, a girl named reagan (is that how they're spelling it? as in ronald?) completely adopted us and followed us all over heaven and earth and both of the bouncing rooms and eventually just up and commandeered my baby. it was something else. she even took her into one of the bounce houses. her mother finally popped up after about 15 minutes and explained her daughter's mother-hen-ism and said i could just tell her to shuffle off when i'd had enough of it. i mean, it was awkward, but i kind of had a free babysitter.


as mentioned, swimming was had late thursday afternoon. i know, i spoil my children. i was pleased with how long it lasted, considering violet had started getting cranky about being in the water the time or two previous. we retired upstairs with our spaghetti dinner upon brian's return from workday drudgery.

friday? all i remember of friday was going to the Y and then having BOTH children nap and then going to whole foods at the zero hour to buy some business for stroganoff and finding organic white peaches on sale and having them covered in mold by sunday morning and having brian take them back sunday night and bring back free organic white peaches and finding one of them covered in mold this morning. as brian said, "NO MORE PEACHES!"

saturday, brian did that meditation thing, but it was really the wrong day and he went again on sunday for the real thing. while we waited, oliver impressed me with some long-term, serious coloring for ashleigh. we went to my sister's after lunch and oliver played video games with uncle jeff and ran around in the pool and we had deluxe vegetable pizza (well, i did anyway) for my birthday dinner, followed by pound cake with organic strawberries. my sister purchased organic strawberries. she gave me a gift card to target and told me not to buy clothing for violet. it was very sweet of her to throw a celebration for my birthday.

violet taught herself to play happy birthday on the piano.

sunday, while brian was at his for-real meditation class, i took the kids to target and let them scare up some fun in the toy aisles. oliver was taken with this display that was a plastic box with a robotic big foot inside, basically throwing a tantrum. what on earth would you do with a toy like that after the first twenty minutes?

and then, there was this:

we came away with a noodle for tying around oliver's waist in the pool. brian returned and people ate lunches and went down for naps. violet woke up first, as usual, and then fell asleep on me again out on the couch for the first time in a million ages and it touched my heart all over.

we went out to the pool for a super long swim. it was luxurious. i floated on my back and drown out the sounds of people and stared up at the sky, clouds, and leaves. and THEN, brian out of the blue asked me if i wanted dinner from roti grill. we generally hardly ever have take out these days (money) and when we do, it's almost always from freebird's (cheaper (and only paper and foil wrappings)) and when we used to go out for dinner/take out, it was always kind of a joke about roti grill because i love it and brian is, for some reason, not entirely impressed. it was vegetable masala all over my face for dinner.

after our appointment with the window guy monday morning, we went to the branch of the dallas public library out at north park mall for craft time. oliver buckled down pretty well at the craft table and punched out a couple of paper plate octopi while violet toodled around with an influx of ladies from the one year old set. we glanced in the windows of a bunch of play houses set up at the mall on our way out. oliver was quite taken with the train house and fire engine house. and on to homemade pizzas for dinner. there was this cd playing at the library that was all xylophone and the cd cover said it was baby goes hair metal. and what do you know. it really was hair metal songs, but totally sweet and relaxing. i've looked it up on amazon and there are others. like, baby goes new wave. i keep making the case that playing the xylophone is where it's at right now and i think this just strengthens my argument. pay attention for awhile and you'll see what i'm talking about.


brian and oliver also went to whole foods. uncle dave was working. he gave oliver some tape.

today was a landmark occasion. i went to a water park for what i believe to be my first time in over 15 years. i was pretty excited by the idea of taking oliver down a water slide on my lap. we carefully chose to patronize bahama beach over hawaiian falls ("lion falls") and definitely over six flags' hurricane harbor. after factoring in our coupons, it was a low cost of $21 to get the whole family in. free parking. a 20 second walk from the car to the gate. the place is small enough to make getting around quick and easy. NO LINES! we had found the sandy lake of water parks.

we got there shortly after they opened up. it looked like a pack of Starbursts had opened up in the heavens and rained down on a water park. towering tubes of red and orange and yellow, gigantic umbrellas dotting the landscape. we went through the endless shifting around of stuff while we pottied, changed violet, spread on sunscreen, got a locker (the banks of which sat squarely under the blazing sun), etc, etc. and then it was time for fun. we hopped in the lazy river, i mean "calypso cooler", down at papaya point and drifted on over to the water-drenched kids' set up. it was sort of unnerving, all the water pouring down constantly from every direction. at times, i was reminded of that long walk on the beach with my father when we got stuck in a rather painful rainstorm.

i believe oliver was duly put off by the 1,000 gallon bucket at the top that would occasionally dump its contents in a rather furious fashion. he was petrified. there were these tiny, playground-style purple slides on the perimter that he went down a couple of times as long as he was sitting on a lap, but that was 100% it. i almost got him down a small twisty slide, but the attendant at the top contradicted the information given to us by the lifeguard at the bottom and said only one person at a time, and oliver wasn't having it. the slides in other areas had a 48 inch height requirement, so oliver was totally screwed out of going down any slides and spent our four hours there begging to go on the lazy river. so that kind of sucked.

other than that, brian and i took turns switching off the kids so that we could go down the slides. i kind of have a fear of fun things that make your stomach lurch, so i started out with the orange-colored Tortugas Express, knowing that there is talking about turtles. i graduated to the yellow slide and it freaked me out a little. what was kind of awesome about all my yellow slide experiences thereafter was that i had switched to some kind of zen mode where i found myself actually relaxing during the ride.

the weather was absolutely stunning. the sun poured vitamin d all over us while puffy clouds ambled on by. there was this weird effect where you would be staring down at violet and the bright bottom of the calypso cooler and then you'd look up at the sky and everything above the horizon would have an orange tint, like someone had turned on a filter. it freaked me out for a second.

violet was getting grumpier as our time wore on and we eventually had to throw in the towel, though we had a pretty good run of it. i managed to get a little too much sun and, as feared, my chloasma really soaked it up. looking good.

the iphone sometimes does funny things to the shape of your head.

she didn't really wear the hat. i was trying to do some hat-training there to keep her scalp from burning, but she still isn't having it with the hats.

what was really disgusting was how brian came back to the table at one point with a big pickle, which violet loved, and a styrofoam cup of 7-up and i drank some of it because i was getting super dehydrated and it was luscious and thirst-quenching. and then stomach-churning. but i was still thirsty when we left and, for the first time in probably years, i had a desire for soda. the children passed out immediately, as expected, and i let brian go into the parkit market and bring me out a can of COKE. can you believe it?! disgusting! i drank it all and it burned the shit out of my face. we went home eventually so that brian could poop three times and then he took oliver to freebird's for dinner. while they were gone, violet and i stacked some blocks and knocked them down and then took the rest of the blocks out of the cart so i could take her for her first ride in it. she digged it pretty well, except for the part where she stuck her finger under the moving wheel. but she got back on the pony for another ride.


the end.
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