changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

preparing for a bounce house.

our first-thing-in-the-mornings usually play out like this:

-oliver enters our room

-i kick brian until he shows signs of life

-violet either
a. wakes immediately, like a balloon has just popped, or
b. continues sleeping by some kind of miracle

-i stay in bed with violet and nurse, whereupon she either
a. goes back to sleep, or the more likely
b. stays awake

since bearing fruit from my womb, i've been a much less sleepy kind of person. i used to be an excellent napper and sleeping-in-later. and then reality kicked me in the crotch. however, for some reason, i have lately been having a horrible time waking up in the morning. i suppose it's because i don't HAVE to pop out of bed to get anyone ready for school or work.

so, i kind of roll around trying to become conscious, especially when there's a one year old awake next to me.

i really just came here to say yesterday morning and this morning, violet was cracking me up by crouching on her feet, balancing herself on my hip and then standing on her own on the wobbly mattress ground with a clever look upon her face. it's kind of awesome to see her standing up on purpose and not just because she is so involved with whatever she's doing that she doesn't even realize she's standing there doing it.

and also, i don't recall being at a water park in over 15 years. stay tuned.
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