changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

how embarrassing.

about 9:47 this morning, my phone started ringing with an unknown 214 number. i almost didn't answer, per the usual, except i've had good practice lately answering calls because of all the estimates we've been scheduling for the window and for all the a/c appointments.

around the time i was about to say, "hello," i remembered we had a ten o'clock appointment to have the window officially measured.

brian is taking this week off from work and today has felt like the weekend and the real weekend had sort of erased my memory of the appointment, despite being anxious to get this window thing rolling.

right before i pushed the button to answer the call, i started hollering at brian, who was in the bathroom shaving his hairs, that the home depot guy was coming. our place is currently a total wreck. stuff stacked everywhere. bags of recycling on the counter. a butterfly chair right in front of the door. the baby looking like we just took her off the street. an oskar turd in the back bathroom waiting to be scooped. no candles-for-visitors burning. i was still in my night clothing and stripping down as i talked to the guy, who was asking if he could show up early. like, in three minutes. "oh, sure!" i responded. why not?

brian's jeans and shoes were still under the filthy coffee table and as i sat there on the couch pushing them more compactly up under there, i remembered how last night, i had been sitting in the butterfly chair while brian composed and recorded a song for oliver, which i was supposed to be helping with, but my lack of inspiration led me to doodle all over my thigh instead. and it was still there all over my thigh. i tiptoed away and scrubbed at it with a cloth napkin oliver had left on the dinner table.

oliver was all up in his business, holding the curtains back and watching him work magic with his tape measure. violet tried to steal his mechanical pencils. i tried to act like i'm not a filthy person with unbrushed teeth and coffee breath, wearing perfumed lotion.

while covering any questions, he wanted to let me know to secure pets and so he glanced around to spot some pets and, of course, the one pet he spotted was ttyki on her perch on a dining room chair under the table... the scraggliest cat around.

i also spent some time on younicorn last night. it was kind of weird because earlier in the day, oliver was telling me how to operate it. he was all unlocking the phone and pressing the button for the younicorn app and saying push this and that. and now, violet will just stand around like she's been doing it all her life. she stood there with a bowl of cereal last night and yesterday at the target, i handed her a rather large ball and she palmed it with two hands and just stood there with it. then, she went off and climbed on to a low shelf and took out bicycle streamers and spoke beads and stood there with them, handing them to me on occasion.

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