changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
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kids!: dancing, dressing, and playing with balls.

yesterday mid-morningish, i dragged the three of us off to the Y. on my way back out, i saw susana banana sitting in the waiting area about to go into a zumba class. we caught up on the latest gossip. this morning, i decided to youtube a zumba video because everyone on the planet is going to zumba class and i was pretty sure i knew what was going on, but wanted confirmation. violet was standing on my lap and started to dance with the video. that child is going to zumba before she walks. her first steps are going to have a salsa flare.

today, we've been invited to my sister's for my birthday. we'll be dining on something or another, i haven't decided what yet. but first, brian is going to the maria kannon zen center for some kind of meditation workshop, which kind of looks like a drag. he had me pull up the website and there was a guy sitting there on his meditation pillows in the lotus position and i asked brian if he was going to show up, say, "let's get started!" and then pull his ankles behind his neck. he said he yes and he will be wearing bicycle shorts. and i suggested he wear bicycle shorts with a hole in the crotch so that one ball could pop through.

yesterday, when i was trying my best to get oliver dressed and out the door, he decided to wear some tan pants, in 104 degree weather, accented with a pair of white mittens. a couple of days before that, he came into the room wearing a pair of unzipped jeans with the hems floating on top of his striped crazy socks. he's really taken a shine to those crazy socks, much to brian's dismay.

when i put him down for his nap yesterday, he stripped to his underwear and squeezed into these too-small pajamas and then had me wrap him in two of his blankets. this wrapping him up in blankets is a new gig and i suppose it must stem from brian wrapping him in a towel after showering and swimming.

here he is in the pajamas on a different day when he decided to leave his tshirt on so that it looked like he was wearing an ascot.

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