changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it's my party.

i'm 38. i'm 38. i'm 38. i'm 38.

plans to occupy my eldest at the good old U of Bounce fell through thanks to my third appointment with JD. the thing is... the air has been working pretty well the last day or two, but i know the second i tell him to forget about it, it will bottom out again. and hey. i suppose we'll be getting a new motor out of it and making us feel a little bit better about the hundreds of dollars we pay to the home warranty people every year.

i've just finished baking myself a birthday cake. brian and i decided to pre-celebrate last night with clay facials and then, as i was approaching the final steps of preparing the cake batter, i realized we had used up all but the last dregs of the apple cider vinegar. i was about to tear my hair out and was shouting at oliver to get dressed for an emergency trip to the store when i decided to see just how many tablespoons were still in there. the magical birthday wizard descended from the heavens and doled out exactly the four tablespoons worth i needed. exactly. i slapped the oven back on and slid the fatty cakes on in there.

some day, i plan to learn to remember to remove baked cakes from the oven without sticking my mitted thumb into one of them. it's my trademark. it's how you know, up underneath volumes of frosting, that i made that cake. look for it.

so, slow day planned for today. i'll just sit here and review the birthday wishes facebook is busy reminding every one to send to me. and i will try to pretend the gecko-type thing i just saw slithering underneath the pile of wires underneath the desk will not reappear slithering up my leg. oh, i think i'm going to throw up.

this evening, i will be meeting my husband and dave at the cosmic cafe for the traditional birthday dining experience. who knows if darren and paul will be there? who?

yesterday, we were over at the old aunt lisa's and oliver was bananas for the pool all day long, except when he was upstairs playing ms. pac man and toy story on the sega. early on, i had excused myself to powder my nose and piss in the toilet and when i came back out, lisa asked me if i had seen violet. so we went to look for her and lisa began sprinting up her very tall, very steep, very frightening staircase uttering some kind of G-rated expletives and brought my small baby back down with her and my mind was trying to figure out why dylan would have left my tiny baby on the stairs or why dylan would have taken my tiny baby up there and let her crawl back to the stairs and then i figured out that that minuscule creature had climbed almost the entire, gigantic staircase all on her own and very lickety-splickety. that frightened me. and, of course, she spent the rest of her time trying to recreate the harrowing experience.

i made oliver sit semi-still out on the patio on the tot spot foldable chair while i cut off great chunks of his shaggy hair. i made a big hair pile out in the grass and he looked just like daddy on his chest and back by the time i was done with him.

a girl from lisa's class came by with her mother, aunt, and older brother, but only stayed a short while and therefore did not provide oliver with playmates. the mother apologized multiple times, much to our confusion, for interrupting our day. even though they had been invited.

lisa pulled out my grandmother's old ice shaver to make a non-delicious, refreshing treat. oliver gobbled up that ice with a spoon.

violet has figured out how to make very messy raspberries with her face.
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