changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i'm hot.

it took me five ages to get the motivation to leave the house today. i at least managed to crank out a double batch of seitan, and then it was approximately a quarter 'til lunchtime, lunchtime being noon. i took the kids to whole foods and oliver got his free traveling apple and i was in the produce aisle saying, "okay kids! here we go! get to turning your steering wheels!" you know, just to punch in a little excitement on our way to the banana bleachers. when i waggled the cart to indicate oliver's erratic driving skills, his third-eaten apple flew out of his hand and on to the floor and he did like he does at home these days when he drops food on the floor and said, "is this clean?" i was totally teetering on saying, "yes," and handing it back to him as i inspected it for our cats' hairs and then i decided that's probably not something most people do and we took it to the compost bin. he received a new apple for his troubles.

we survived our trip through the aisles and violet cranked up her crankiness at the end and we got back home and had peanut butter sandwiches with just "a drop of jelly" and amy's california burger with avocado, lime, and salsa.

i was rushing to get groceries put away, dishes hand washed, and children fed so that i could start the naptime process before good old JD arrived on the scene with his wise, wise ways and nicotine haze. the air conditioning duo tapped on the back door just as the bird was eliminating the kitten, hen, dog, cow, car, airplane, boat, and snort as possibly being his mother. i get them set up and returned to the laying down of children. i told oliver we will go swimming this afternoon if he naps. i told violet she could suckle if she naps. they both napped. it was bizarre. it's definitely not an item that's been on oliver's menu lately, but i think we started just late enough for him to collapse against his will. see, the thing is, i have to make oliver unconscious if i want any hope of it being quiet enough to make violet unconscious. but it's too early, i guess, for oliver these days. i thought of letting him watch a story on tv while i put violet down and then putting him down, but violet doesn't nap all that long and would probably be about ready to get up once i was done with oliver. still leaving me with no time for making dinner unhindered.

enough about that.

JD showed up and took the access panel off the unit in the kitchen ceiling and CLIMBED UP ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER AND PUT HIS SHOES ON IT. and then told me they were off to the roof.

kids were falling out like flies too near a horse's tail and jd came back from my roof 35 minutes later and said there's some kind of rain guard that goes over the motor and when they replaced the fan, they put the rain guard down too low and caused some kind of friction that causes my house to become hot. they raised the rain guard and the house started cooling off. they left. they were out of my hair.

i made some dinner. and then it became hot in my house again. and we're dabbling in the 100+ temperatures around here this week.

my life is never going to stop being a series of appointments with people coming to my home.
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