changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

toilet seats, indecisive air, and the window through which our money exits.

i was in the loo room getting ready and violet invited herself in so she could climb up on oliver's step stool and stand there with her hands on the toilet lid. i removed us both and about 90 seconds later heard her making that squawking sound that usually means her brother is mistreating her. instead, i found her in the bathroom standing on the step stool and trying to climb on to the toilet. a climbing baby who goes into the litter box room when no one is in there and the lights are off is just what i need. it is exactly what the psychiatrist ordered.

something else the psychiatrist ordered is an a/c unit that only works half the time since being repaired, which means i get to have more encounters with JD. he called me back friday morning and i told him to disregard because we weren't entirely sure if there was a problem, because it wasn't working and then was working and making me think i was just crazy, and he sounded dismayed that i'd called and canceled and said something like, "well, i'm just trying to keep you cool." like, how could i turn away his service call? he's trying his best, but there's nothing he can do if i just up and cancel like that.

he might be here between 12 and 2, but wait... he has four people ahead of us. so maybe not between 12 and 2. i'm going to guess more like 6. unless i take us somewhere involved and then it will be immediately.

we called our home depot guy yesterday afternoon to tell him he was the grand prize winner of getting to install a new window for us. he came to our home and sat in the warm glow of the living room while we applied for zero percent financing and signed paperwork. i finally taped the window and put oliver in time out for not leaving it alone. i'll sit here and cross my fingers for the next month that it doesn't blow out of here and leave me with a gaping hole. dear lord.

ps: did you hear the great news on the daily show a week or two ago? we're back on for federal unemployment assistance! i'm awaiting the processing of my claim! i'm buying a kitten for everyone!
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