changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

another bodily fluid has been added to the mix.

remember that gigantic, growing fleshy orb that ttyki has been cultivating on the side of her head for the last couple of years that the vets have told me three times is no big deal? well, it has developed its own branch of her circulatory system and taken to bleeding all over the floors. thankfully, only the floors so far as i know.

i legitimately thought she was dying or dead a couple of days ago. i noticed splatter on the floor. and then more. and then more. i was walking around calling for her and she wasn't coming, which is nothing new but it becomes a little more frightening when there's blood all over the floor. i figured she was doing that thing where cats go off to die and i was terrified to find her. i finally saw her tail sticking out from behind the curtain and pulled the curtain back with a flourish and she was like, "what?"

i checked her asshole because i was pretty certain her poo factory was bleeding from the inside. and then i saw it issuing forth from her face satellite. i generally try to avoid that thing, but this gave me a good look at it. oh jesus, is it ever disgusting. now, if i can get two minutes together, my mission is to finish trimming all her skanky hair off and dousing her in the tub so i can demand that thing be shaved off her face. cannot take it anymore.

in addition to more bleeding on the floor this morning, i found a piece of poop on the bookshelf, vomit all under the dinner table, vomit under the desk, and no paper towels. to top it off, the phone cord we're forced to run all through the house for the dsl got caught between my foot and my flip flop while i was holding a bowl of violet's oatmeal in one hand and a full latte cup in the other hand and there was that moment of consideration of if i needed to let go of something so i wouldn't fall flat on my face. i somehow recovered, but at the cost of a portion of my coffee splatting out across a wide amount of laminate flooring.

and no paper towels.

good grief. i am about to trade this baby in. she has become incredibly whiney the last couple of weeks. i suppose she's penduluming back from her independent streak.
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