changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

hot stuff.

children are sleeping and thusly affording me the opportunity to finally simmer down and start with some kitchen-time fun.

i am throwing myself headlong, once again, into another attempt to successfully reconstitute dried beans. we go through quite a fair share of canned beans around here and it would make me feel better about the environmental impact, the financial impact, and the bpa impact if i could make a switch to dried. i've got a pot of organic pintos simmering now. my father retrieved his mother's recipe for pinto beans and i'm excited to have some hopefully tasty seasoned beans from it. i was also excited when i saw the recipe called for worcestershire sauce. because i would have make 38 shepherd's pies to use up my bottle. seriously.

and now that i finally have my vital wheat gluten stores filled back up (screw you, whole foods, for not carrying it AGAIN all of a sudden), i have fired up a batch of isa moskowitz's seitan sausage dogs. i saw a link to the recipe about a month ago and have been itching to try it out. it has also provided me the opportunity to get down on my knees by the kitchen cabinet and rediscover what all on earth i've got hiding in the darkest recesses so that i could retrieve the steamer i purchased well over 10 years ago anticipating a time when i would do things like cook dinners for people. and that time is today. very exciting. the never-before-used abelskiver pan came out with it and is sitting on the stove looking at me with its seven eyes.

i'm thinking it's time to go back in there and try making oven-fried okra with the okra that's sitting in the produce drawer. never done this one before either. i know what you're thinking. there are two variables in my dinner equation for tonight. eek.

my only regret, so far, is not having managed to get in there and bake another loaf of almost-no-knead bread. i'm considering not using my dutch oven, as it's too large, and going with a loaf pan. i'm afraid if i use my antique refrigerator pan, it might crack from the heat. googling is required.
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