changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

Y, Y, Y.

it's 7am and i'm the only one up and mostly ready. i'm having difficulty imagining that i'm just a hair fluff and step into spandex away from heading to the gym. i feel physically weak these days. carrying violet in her car seat to and from the condo is drudgery. malaise. malaria. i feel infected.

and let's not even discuss how my hawaiian-themed class reunion is the last day of this month, followed in quick succession by my 38th birthday. two days when i'd like to eat a muffin instead of wearing one.

well, alright! it's 11:09 now and i made it to the gym. hurrah! 1.25 hours working out has increased my energy. i'm still wearing a muffin, but there's no surprise there. we'll need a butter knife to get that off quickly.

i've dumped off a hobo's mountain of recycling and am about to vacuum the layer of cat hair up off this place. i've promised oliver i'll be a fool and take him and his sister down to the pool all on my own if he promises to nap.

violet's new past times: standing up and digging in the kitchen trash can, pulling the batteries out of the toddler island. i suppose i should start screwing the battery panel back on to that thing and building a play yard structure around the trash. oh. she just pulled some plastic shrink wrapping from the garbage, crawled over here to the computer desk, and left it on the floor like some kind of feline-inspired dead bird offering, though the only offerings our cats ever leave for us around here come out of their orifices.
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