changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

cowboy hat and cheap lingerie.

i tell you what. my plans to return to the Y this week are failing miserably. i keep not getting quite enough sleep to feel up to it and brian keeps not getting quite enough sleep to not turn off the alarm so we'll get up in time. it's disappointing considering i had gone three times in one week the week before last.

in other words, when violet awoke this morning around 1:30, she refused to return to sleep for 1.5 hours. i nursed her initially and she was still awake. i refused to nurse again, on principle, and she threw a tantrum. when the tantrum got her nowhere, she decided she liked sitting up and cooing. so tired. so, sooo tired.

i had a cup of caffeinated coffee, which i've ill-advisedly switched back to, and i was sitting here typing up an email about the library's wish list option when i all of a sudden felt like i might pass out. not the kind of passing out feeling you get when you stand up too fast, but the other kind. i moved from the chair to the floor for a second and then called brian to tell him he should call me in 15 minutes in case i was unconscious and thusly leaving the children to play lord of the flies.

after i finally got myself and the kids up and going, oliver said he wanted to wear my straw cowboy hat. i decided this meant we should go get him his own straw cowboy hat, which i'd been kind of wanting to do for awhile anyhow.

but first, we went on down to the dollar general to get myself some more dollar underpants. the white female clerk didn't even stop her conversation with the black male clerk to ring up my business. it was a very important conversation that went something like this:

female: this black man at the fireworks show said we should hang out with them. and i told him i only hang out with my own kind.
male: and what did you tell him your kind is?
female: i told him my kind is white people.

dear lord: please let me only ever have to get my underwear from the dollar general and not my job.

next, it was party city or party town or party central. the closest we found were hawaiian hats. oliver asked politely if we shouldn't take home a mylar balloon and i had to tell him no. so we just looked at them for a minute up on the wall. besides, he would murder it within two hours just like the last two balloons that came through our door recently.

onward we went to dolly python. i knew it was a long shot they would have cowboy hats, but i had not been in ages and ages and i had heard they had expanded into the space next door. oliver told me they would have doggies. which is weird because they do have doggies. we stepped in and said hello to gretchen. i introduced her to violet while oliver went nuts over the doggies. one big and one little. he was squealing loudly and spent his entire trip through the store wanting to go find the little doggie. we found some adult-sized cowboy hats and one vintage cowgirl outfit.

after i tired of reminding oliver to look with his eyes and not his hands, we climbed back in the car and i looked over to the passenger seat and discovered i got boy pants instead of bikini cut underwears. i will get to return to the dollar general.

we zipped home for lunch and both children actually napped, giving me some time to grapple rather ineffectively with that java course. oliver is currently up to two hours of blissful unconsciousness. once i'm forced to bring him out of it, a trip to whole foods will be in order.

man. today is dreadfully boring.

pardon me. violet is slowly chasing ozzie with the drool-covered bulb end of a baster. she says it's funny.
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