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brown sugar (that's not an intentional rolling stones reference)

i've noticed i've begun to have a scent like brown sugar or something similar that i can't quite put my finger on. and it's not a BO smell...not bad, just doesn't seem natural.

let me just say here that even though i'm unemployed and leading a largely uneventful life, i have been showering every day. it's the #1 daily requirement. i noticed for several days that i had absolutely no scent even if i had been sweating. now ...i don't know, i smell like baked goods and it reminds me of those little "poo candies" made of brown sugar that you used to find at the bottom of your basket of chips at the Monterrey House in the 70's. i must've eaten something weird.

maybe i should've been posting this to the TMI group.

uh...and i'm just talking pits here.

today's word of the day: navel-gazing
useless or excessive self-contemplation. Navel-gazing is a pop form of omphaloskepsis that is devoid of any serious meditative value.

we like that one.
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