changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

oliver's fourth birthday: part II.

while children were napping, i was busy making pita pizzas for dinner. i packed them up with two sprinkles cupcakes i had picked up with the kids the day before and a couple of juice boxes. i threw oliver's gifts into my set of envirosax, which have been doubling as gift bags since oliver's first birthday.

as soon as brian arrived home, we drove to the park on lovers lane, the one with the big duck pond and picnic tables and awesome swimming pool with toddler area that we aren't allowed to live in since it's technically in highland park, the vatican city of dallas.

the weather had tamed a bit. some of the humidity had burned off and we found a table in the shade. oliver was pretty pleased with his pizza party picnic at the park and he made a royal mess eating his cupcake. after we finished indulging, oliver opened his gifts and then we moved it on over to the playground for swing time. violet has gotten to where she will get excited when she hears oliver getting excited. lots of screeching was going on.


i, too, think it's funny when he removes the cheese layer from his pizza and eats it like it's a separate entree. so tidy.

four and covered in cupcake dust.







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