changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

saturday in the primate house.

oh, lord. so this baby is trying to climb before she learns to walk. that is exactly what i need. a climbing baby. she is also very adept at waving and clapping and stacking and pointing and chattering and this morning, she said, "bruh-bruh" and brushed her hair. many exciting things going on around here. last week, she was getting her diaper changed and i blew on this gigantic paper flower i made to hang over the changing pad a year ago to entertain her. the following day, we walked back up for another diaper change and she looked at the flower and blew at it. so now, she's good at having a memory AND producing wind from both ends. she continues to blow at the flower. because she is smart like that.

this morning in bed, she was acting precisely like a little chimpanzee. she was hooting like one and bouncing like one and exhibiting the screaming, biting behaviors of one. she is really into biting my left shoulder and upper arm. she has this technique where she bites with a hair less pressure than is required to break the skin and this leaves an invisible bruise. a crafy one. i will say things like, "no! ouch! no, violet!" and she giggles and laughs and bites again. i must be pretty tasty because i went through quite a few bites with oliver as well. he preferred mommy meat to other kinds of meat. it was such a terrifying honor. he would run to me as fast as he could, throw his arms around me, and bite the shit out of me. i would flinch everytime he came in from a landing not knowing if it would result in teeth marks. of course, it hasn't been all that long since he bit my ass for blocking the fridge and nearly broke the skin.

we took violet and her insane asylum brother to the Y this morning. it was my third trip this week, thank you very much. we ate lunch and i think i took a thirty minute nap. oliver took a zero minute nap. he was blazing around here in supreme excitement when he heard the news that daddy was taking him to the other Y for family swim time. i stayed here with the monkey to make a double batch of seitan so we'll have plenty to take for bbq at my sister's this week.

i might be going to the disco with darren to belatedly celebrate his birthday tonight. wish me luck.

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