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well, they really did go and do it.

about a month ago, i noticed a pink ribbon tied around the tree outside our window. you know. the really gorgeous tree that gave us a really gorgeous view and allowed us to have shade and see squirrels and cats right up in front of our faces. the tree i used to like to stare up at while lying on my back on the living room floor. that tree.

i called the property management people and left a message asking what that ribbon's for and i sure hope it isn't a marker to cut it down and, in their usual fashion, they did not bother to return my call.

then, about a week or two later, we received a condo newsletter saying how they were going to cut down several awesome trees. i could kind of understand why they're getting rid of a couple of them, due to issues with the roots invading sewer lines and the branches invading electrical lines. but here's the reason they gave for wanting to destroy our tree:

the trees being removed from the courtyard are struggling to survive under the canopy of larger trees. This has resulted in unhealthy trunk and base development. Their removal will improve the shape of the larger trees' canopy.

the "larger trees" being the ones outside the homes of the board members.

fast forward to today. brian decided to take the day off and we come trundling down the great hall back from running errands. brian is 10 steps ahead of me and stops suddenly, retreats a step, turns, and says oh no, you don't want to see this. i think i'm going to be sick.

i already knew what was what because tree trimmers were hanging around yesterday and today and i felt the air leaving my chest. i finally stepped forward to see our poor tree massacred.


i'm doubly pissed with myself for not bitching about this. i don't understand why i didn't, though i did pull out the newsletter and realized i somehow got the trees confused and thought ours was the one with the trunk split to the root base, possibly resulting in disease, decay, and eventual breakage. though i was calling bullshit on that, too.

i decided to fire off a hate mail to the board and brian added a couple of sentences and his name to it:

I really cannot believe that you went through with the decision to remove the tree from the middle of the courtyard. That was a beautiful tree and one of the things we have really enjoyed about living here. Everyone who visited us for the first time commented on the great view of that tree. It also kept our home cooler. Now there's nothing but a not-so-beautiful view straight into the homes of our neighbors and vice versa. I'm sitting here staring at a brick wall.

It's hard to believe your expert thought that tree was struggling.

Is there a plan for replacing it? This section of the courtyard is not well balanced now. There's too much distance between the two remaining trees.

so now we'll be the angry people in the complex.

i'll tell you what. it's pretty bright in our bedroom and the light in the living room is absolutely garish.


you can see here just how horrendous that tree was before it was attacked. oh no! watch it struggling!


okay, you know what? i will say it looks a hair straggly in that first photo, but that's not a full shot of it and it lost a lot of branches during this past winter due to snow and a year or two ago, they trimmed the holy hell out of every tree around here. which they are doing yet again, for some reason. brian tells me they went and sheared off an entire, gigantic branch from the tree on the other side of our condo, the hateful people.



let's watch as our condo resell value decreases. THANK YOU.

just to make myself feel a little bit better and a little bit less like i need to set someone's home afire, which i obviously won't do especially because their homes are connected to mine and for other reasons...

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