changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i hate myself for what i'm about to say: pointer sister. and the day before the party showdown.

the day before oliver's birthday had me running around like a crazy person in the newly-minted summer heat. i spent the morning with the kids going by home depot for another couple of packets of flower seeds, just in case, and by whole foods to get last minute party groceries, and i forget where else but i remember impressing myself with the number of places i went with two children and a pocketful of heat.

darren was kind enough to run by our place with an ice chest, since i had not been intelligent enough to ask to borrow one while i was conveniently at his house the day prior.

violet busied herself with learning to point and did so in an impressive manner by looking out the window, spotting a cat hiding way off in some bushes, pulling out her pointer, and saying, "cAAAAAt."

there's no telling what went on the rest of the day, but come post-children's-bedtime, the heat was on. i was finishing up paper airplanes and cranking out a set of pinwheels (which i had barely managed to figure out how to make successfully (they worked stunningly in the path of the A/C vent) and then find all the material required to fashion them), and clipping sheets of the world's fanciest animal stickers in half, and spreading out seed packets and lollipops. i made arthritis in my hands with all my craftiness. oh yes... earlier in the day, i did convince oliver to finish up painting the party favor bags and he did a stunning job. maybe he went swimming after that. why not. let's say he did.

so, i was totally down to the wire and it was getting late, but i finally got everything put together and thought everything looked fairly decent. i was then able to move on to the fully-realized fears about the party itself, especially since brian absolutely could not attend (i'd been hoping he would swing it at the last minute) and at the last minute, my niece decided to go ahead and walk the stage at her high school graduation that afternoon, so my sister's family would not be able to help me unload, watch violet, and reload. though they were able to make it for a little of the middle of the party, which was pretty nice considering they had to go out of their way and then try to stand around and not sweat in their high school graduation finery.

but anyway, more on that later.

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