changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a retreat back in time: uncle darren's house.

on saturday, june 5, brian was still in working-extra-everyday mode, leaving me alone to deal with children some more, and i decided that was unacceptable. this meant that i phoned darren, actually got a hold of him in a timely manner, and invited myself right on over, giving him all of 30 minutes to drive from the gym to his house and pretend to tidy up, as if i'd ever notice a mess.

as we sat and chatted and sipped margaritas on the rocks, oliver slowly drifted over to the back door and leaned his body into it, looking as morose as possible, until we asked if he wanted to go outside. this is how he does it, asking to go outside.

uncle darren let him water all the bell pepper and tomato plants and sprinklers were turned on and run away from and heat was to be had out there in the summer sun. it was pure excitement for a three year old.

eventually, the people with level heads retreated into the air conditioned sun room and that left oliver, running back and forth to the magnolia tree along the back fence and collecting leaves as he went. these were deposited on the floor for violet to throw in the air like a stack of jacksons. after that game ended, oliver took to jumping off the set of three steps into our sunken room, a sign it was probably time to get going before the going got tough.

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