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last day of school, continued: the spraygrounds.

whew. so i'm really far behind, which should make these next posts nice and perfunctory and why-am-i-even-bothering-except-for-my-own-records-ish.

i left off with that two hours of a last day of school. i sucked up my fear of sitting in the heat in a throng of craziness and took oliver to these spraygrounds i didn't even know existed up on white rock trail. i don't know who it is who hands them out, but we got the same invitation last year for everyone on earth at that school to show up at the spraygrounds upon school dismissing and to bring your lunch. there are something like 110 kids at that school and the spraygrounds are already a hot bed of action to begin with. this is why the fear ran deep down into my soul about the number of people i'd be walking into.

but like i said... suck it up. it was time to face summer with two children head on and this was my first foray into the insanity. i put on my uniform of shorts and double layered tank tops (excellent for sweating and smoothing over some of the bulges and creases in my torso) and packed fourteen bags and a baby up. i changed oliver into his suit and tshirt in one of the school's bathrooms and we headed on over. it was blazing hot and the spraygrounds were, in fact, teeming with activity. however, i was surprised to find plenty of shade and that it was actually pleasant as long as you sat very still underneath that shade. oliver, who had been excited up to this point, wandered out to the edge of the spraygrounds backed by my verbal urgings. i had already seated myself and trapped my person under a baby, so i was excused from having to get back up and be his tour guide. and besides, any one of those mother-child pairings could come along and steal all my gear right up. so oliver gets on over to the edge and kind of goes in a little more and then returns shortly to say he is ready to go home.

oh no he didn't!

i tried to point out a couple of his classmates and it all fell on deaf ears. i tried distracting him with half a burrito and it seemed to work. i then sent him out to try again and he discovered these little puddles right on the edge. he became more and more enchanted with them. first, it was just splashing his little feet around. eventually, he was down on his knees. by the end, he was throwing himself chest first and flopping around like a seal out of water. and then crouching down over the drains to wring the water out of his clothing. i think people might have been staring at this point, but never mind all that. and never mind those were puddles where people were sloughing off the dirt and grass from their feet as then entered water land.

being the eternal botanist, he made a game of picking up small leaves one at a time and running over to the puddles to wash them and back over to our blanket to put them in his bowl. this went on for quite some time, good for him. we probably dallied a bit longer simply because i couldn't muster the energy to strategize our exit, what with a wet preschooler with muddy feet, an overheating infant, a gigantic bag of stuffs, and a picnic blanket now edged in mud and dirt. but i finally managed and even carried the towel oliver had managed to immediately drag across the dirt and mud. which reminds me, all that business is still in my trunk.

oh and ps. that was the day violet finally figured out how to drink from a bottle. or, at least, she found the desire to drink from a bottle. i exclaimed that she was such a, uh, little girl.


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