changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


just now, during my feeble attempts to put oliver down for a nap (all attempts at convincing oliver to sleep are currently registering as feeble, i just love these phases), oliver was making a circle between his thumb and forefinger on both hands and calling them an eight. i showed him that with a simple twist, he could make the sign for infinity. he decided he couldn't do that.

so i decided to reintroduce a trick i learned off gigglesnort hotel or the great spacecoaster or something along those lines, and i pulled my thumb off of one hand. lord. i never get tired of that gag.

oliver thought this was a hoot. he was a little less excited when i pulled off his earlobe and nose.

i sure would like to know how to reliably and consistently put a baby down and then put a preschooler down and still have time without a baby or a preschooler before the baby wakes back up. that would be my new favorite trick. it's one of those many days where i spend hours on nothing but convincing the vertically (and horizontally) challenged to slumber.
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