changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the last week of school, in pictures.

the wednesday of the last week of school was crazy hat day and oliver was excited to wear his green witch's hat he received at the halloween party in the toddler class. the second i pulled into a parking space at school, he said, "take this back home!" i convinced him to at least take it inside and pointed out all the hat-wearing people as we walked to his room. miss ashley reported to me that afternoon that he had had a hoot wearing it all day.

thursday was crazy sock day. lots of craziness at that school, i tell you. boys don't typically own crazy socks. my boy owns white socks and lots of them. i managed to find a pair of socks i had received in my family stocking at some point which were only ankle socks of that variety that is kind of poofy with fibers. they were striped in lavender and mint. pretty crazy. oliver happily donned the foot caterpillars, as he's always had a fondness for that type of sock. i warned him he might pass out from heat exhaustion on the playground, but he couldn't hear me over the craziness on his feet. he was quite a hit at school, probably because the other boys didn't have anything nearly as crazy and no one was bold enough to wear such wintry things on a summer day.


this has nothing to do with anything except that it's funny he's watering plants in his underwear and shoes and i find that enjoyable.

friday was the last day of the year, and a short one ending at 10:30. they will find any reason to shut the school down. it was a little chaotic in the hallway and i tried to get a photo of oliver with both his teachers, but it just wasn't happening. i did get a lovely one with mrs. scott and his Friday Envelope he had brought back to school because violet had torn it asunder and he wanted mrs. scott to put some red tape on it. and she did.


i busied myself at the whole foods and returned two hours later to a great deal more chaos and a river of tears. many students were graduating out of the class and some out of the school... off to the wilds of free public school. i caught a glimpse of oliver just inside the door of his classroom from across the sea of people and he looked a little dismayed. i finally managed to squeeze in the door after bonking someone aside with violet's car seat and he fought his way over to me. he was trying not to cry. who could blame him? students were crying. parents were crying. i'm sure all kinds of weeping, departing children had been hugging him and he didn't know what the fuck was going on.

i hugged him for a minute while he made that sad, trying-not-to-cry face and then saw the opportunity to get his photo taken with his teachers nearby. i popped him over there and stood to snap the shutter and that was what did him in. so, i took the photo quickly and didn't even see the looks on his teachers' faces until i was reviewing everything that night. it was good for a laugh. that kind of tore my heart out with its sadness.


i'm stopping mid-day because i have letters to cut out of paper and who wouldn't rather do that.
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