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we're just finishing up a grand old flag-waving, three day weekend around these parts.

friday was the big day of the blazing hot, end of school picnic with bounce houses. oliver was pretty geared up for some bouncing. the party was scheduled to start at four and i walked out the door at three to go pick up oliver and toodle around until party time. i was slapped in the face with the usual wavy lines of heat and told brian through our phones that i was sweating just getting to the car. as i drove up skillman, i then commented oh good, i see some cloud cover. i hung up the phone and drove another two minutes into one of the biggest and most immediate downpours i ever did saw. i was on northwest highway, which isn't all that highway-ish, and was going three mph and still couldn't see at times, even with tail lights not far ahead of me. the right hand lane on audelia was totally flooded. it was terrifying. i dallied a few minutes in the parking lot hoping it would end as quickly as it arrived. it sort of did, but still required an umbrella. i woke violet and removed her from her carseat while we were still in the car. the second some drops hit her leg, she freaked out. i couldn't figure out if it was the rain or the umbrella, but she freaked again on the way out and periodically in the car. obviously the bounce houses were not going to happen. so brian still came home early and we all sat down to our taco bowls and watched the sun shining through the trees.

i don't know if i told you, so stop me if you've heard this, but i discovered last week that the child care hours at the Y we've switched back to include a saturday morning time slot. this was big news as brian no longer gets to work out since his offices moved practically to canada last september and he can't get home early enough to go. so we went saturday morning. of course, brian's back was sore, so he didn't get a full work out, but i did. there was a lot of extra-seeming sweat, for some reason. i think our only other activity of interest saturday was to go to the dvd store so we could be the last people on earth to watch where the wild things are. due to an egregious error in judgment, i became displeased with brian halfway through the viewing and laid myself down on the couch and went to sleep.

and then it was sunday. i cleaned, took scissors to my hair, mashed up some guacamole for violet, and baked chocolate chip banana bread. we woke our napping children and went over to marianne's memorial day weekend cook out. at 97 degrees, it was warm, but bearable. i tried to convince marianne and john to install a misting system on the porch. oliver chased the other preschool boy who was there and violet hung out with claire a little. it was good times. marianne's 25 year old son was there and this freaked me out since i had not seen him since the other day, when he was in high school. the time i had seen him before that was another couple of weeks before, when he would come to the place where i used to work with his aunt annette after elementary school and sit and color. my life was just a-flashing right before my eyes and i kept thinking, this grown man must think i am some kind of old lady to remember him coloring in his coloring book. jesus christ.

yesterday, i dragged us all down to fair park so that i could visit the rocks for sale in the museum of science and nature's gift shop. i learned that at $.50 a piece, they were just not worth it for their inclusion in the birthday playdate gift bags. brian suggested (he made a suggestion!) i make puzzles. he was probably trying to be cute and funny, but now i'm considering making puzzles. i think i need some kind of specialized therapist. since we were already in the territory and since oliver was very excitedly asking to go see the ocean, we walked out back to the lagoon and hopped around on the water sculpture and were startled by fish and turtles and saw this one, HUGE, soft-shelled, snout-nosed number on the little steps leading into the water. he told us he'd rather submerge himself in the dire-looking water rather than expose himself any longer to the un-subduable shoutings of my eldest. plop.

oliver got a time out by the wooly mammoth and he pushed the three of us on the bench swing before we went back to the car. brian conned me into driving us to taco bueno by causing my brain to forget it would be a going-inside-to-eat affair. i wrestled with violet while the two of them stuffed questionable ingredients into their faces. which made me finally remember that evening to change the ingredients to no longer questionable. i relayed my new information to brian's email and thusly broke his taco bueno-lovin' heart:

dude. a bean burrito without chili has 549 calories, 26 grams of fat, and 1319 mgs sodium.

2oz salsa has 366 mgs sodium.

a tostada without chili sauce has 345 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 660 mgs sodium.

cheese nachos have 572 calories, 35 grams of fat, and 1396 mgs sodium.

dude. your lunch (not factoring in the salsa) was 1262 calories, 77 grams of fat, and 2716 mgs sodium.

i hope you don't eat lunch there often.

and great. oliver won't be eating there anymore. now that he's all hooked on it.


Oct. 26th, 2007 04:58 pm (UTC)
Hi Everyone,
I read this post a month ago after being suspicious about the beans at Bueno. I couldn't find anything else on the Internet, so sent an email to headquarters..Here is the response. So long Bueno, Taco Bell just got my business again...

I apologize for the delay in responding to your email, but we receive numerous emails and we respond to each one. With regard to the refried beans, we do not use lard in the beans, but we do use an animal extract (beef) in the preparation of our beans. I hope this information is helpful to you and thank you for contacting us.
Linda Bedunah
Taco Bueno Restaurants L.P.(
972) 919-4816

Mar. 15th, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
they have bacon fat in the beans..I know because I work there..and they don't even tell anyone. you cannot trust fast food..

I found out after my break last night when I saw boxes of refried bean was right after my lunch break too :\

so, GREAT. i've been letting my child eat some kind of rendered cow part. and he's really into asking if he can go to taco boo-AY-no. daddy's grounded for setting that up.

surprisingly, the disgusting amount of fat, sodium, and cow consumed by my child did not render him unconscious during naptime. we all gave up and i eventually put the two chittlins in the car and drove them to the home depot and placed them in the largest specialized racing car cart you have ever seen and you do not even want to know how difficult it was trying to steer that monstrosity, the things you do for your children. the usual laying down of the rules was made whereby oliver was informed the beating of his sister would result in his immediate elimination from the cart. [FORESHADOWING]

we were there to get flower seeds for the birthday playdate gift bags and i was pleased to see i was only going to need to spend $1.07 per packet and not $1.28 per packet. this was exciting. the lay out of the packeted seed section was such that i could not take the world's largest specialized racing car cart into the labyrinth with me and had to settle for abandoning it alongside a half wall of merchandise where i could still see them, if i so chose to look. [FORESHADOWING]

there was a nice lady sorting through seed packets with me and i was having a difficult time concentrating on oliver hollering, "mommy! mommy! BRING ME SOME MORE SEEDS! MOMMY!" and reading the packets to make sure i was getting something the kids could plant in early summer and making sure i didn't grab a $2.97 packet of seeds, etc. and the nice lady said she doesn't get the old, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" business any more since her daughter is now 23 and she promised nice things were coming my way where miniature people don't scream at you all day. and i think she must've said something about kids beating each other because i started to launch my script about how oliver is a total sadist when it comes to his sister (or scratching his father's cornea during story time, as he did this past weekend as well) and she said, "he's beating her head," and i was like, "yeah, he's always beating her..." and she said, "he's beating her head," and i noticed she was looking past me and not at me and i turned as little lights went off in my brain and sure enough, there was oliver smacking violet repeatedly against the side of her head with his open palm. and i wandered my way back out of the labyrinth issuing verbal representations of the impending punishment and removal from the cart was had.

this left violet alone in the racing car cart, holding my keys, and the woman's husband came along and commented on this to violet and i muttered how my baby appears to have been abandoned out in the racing car cart and the woman promised me good things in the future again.

we got the heck on out of there with our 15 seed packets and i took us to the dvd store to make my return. when i got back in the car, i realized my comment of, "i'll be right back," was directed at an unconscious person. both children had been driven to Nap Town, which meant i could do bad things like go get an iced latte and brownie with monies i don't have and pray oliver didn't wake up mid-consumption and see there was no apple juice.

oh lord. i left out the part between giving up on naps and going to home depot. it took a good 10-12 minutes in the blazing heat to get myself and the kids out to the car. i had waited a few minutes to go out the door as i had spied joanne trying to do something with robert which involved removing him from their neighbor's porch and pointing a lot at the pool end of the courtyard until he started walking that way. i went on down and was stopped by neighbor talks-a-mile-a-minute bob. he sort of knows all the business as a result of his talkative characteristic and was saying how joanne's just about ready to get some kind of help with/for robert. at some point, i guess robert looped the pool and was now on our side of the courtyard and came dawdling past and i said, "well, hello robert!" and he looked at me with dead eyes and kept on going. he stopped at the door to our foyer and i kind of went around the corner into the Great Hall trying to convince oliver to follow. he became concerned robert was going into our building and went after him. eventually, they both came back out and oliver came along to the car. and so did bob. after getting violet in and talking to bob some more, i look up to see robert coming out of ann's back gate, of all places. i hadn't even seen him go in there and wondered for a second if he had gone all the way through her place. i could see her back screen door open and figured he must have helped himself in there and tried the door and then dawdled back out. he was all over the place. which means he next headed to our back stairs. i pointed this out to bob as i was having a hard time not imagining the hunched old man crumpling his way back down the stairs and bob insisted he'd be just fine, he comes upstairs to bob's on occasion to visit. so i kind of kept listening to bob while watching robert as he proceed up the stairs. oliver was disturbed by this and followed after robert hollering, "ROBERT. THAT'S OUR HOUSE. ROOOOOBERT. GO TO YOUR OWN HOUSE. THAT'S OUR HOUSE. ROOOOOBERT."

i managed to wrangle oliver away a couple of steps into his stairway pursuit and watched robert totter all the way up and fidget about in front of our neighbor fen fen's door before turning to come back down. he got a little confused halfway down where the railing decides to start up on one side and i just knew he was going to tumble. but he didn't. i got in my car to drive away and saw joanne coming around the corner to start wrangling. while at the home depot, brian called me to tell me it looked like they were out searching for robert again. i suppose this has become the new way of life recently. good grief. bob says it took him three months of convincing to get joanne to put a double deadbolt on their front door (which faces a busy road) and he had her put address labels all over robert's wallet, for when he inevitably gets lost. now robert stares at those labels and no amount convincing will cause him to believe he is already at that address. he tries to call cabs to come get him by randomly dialing numbers and once managed to get a hold of a church group who said they were on their way. i'm hoping against hope that joanne will have the sense to leave robert at home when i invite her to the combination birthday party.

there is some sort of continued collusion being orchestrated by what i can only imagine as being a very bored super power intent on keeping my sister from coming to my house for baby duty. after scheduling her last visit at least three times before it came to fruition, she was slotted to arrive for her second visit yesterday. and then ashleigh's car exploded. or the battery terminals were corroded or something and lisa didn't seem too interested in brushing them with a coca-cola and a wire brush. who can blame her. if i did something like that, the bored super power would blow the battery up right in my face. i guarantee it.

if you've managed to read this far, go get yourself a cookie.
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