changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

first swim of the season. first heatstroke of the season to come.

well. it's supposed to be a high of 96 today. and the 96 is predicted to fall during the 4 o'clock hour. the same hour during which oliver's end of school party will begin. i can already smell my own armpits.

97 predicted for sunday. what the hell. it's too early for this shit. i'm starting to get worried i won't be able to make it to oliver's birthday park party due to extreme inability to process heat. i'll just drop him off with two dozen juice boxes. speaking of, i'm starting to get a little nervous that so many people are coming. something like 15 kids and 15 adults. i'm going to have hostess anxiety.

oliver's having field day today. i did not send him in sunscreen, as requested. i mean, they'll only be out there for an hour (they're usually out for 30 minutes) and i figured the sunscreen will have worn off by the time he gets out there after 3.5 hours anyway. i can already smell my own bad mother award.

speaking of the heat, we had our first swim of the season last saturday. which seems really early, but there you go. we were invited to the home of rachel and martin. and now, olivia, who is a tiny two months old. after lamenting the state of my one piece, brian suggested i wear one of my other suits. YOU KNOW... THE BIKINIS. the bikinis i only own because i "outgrew" my swim shorts several years ago in order to accomodate the heads of certain babies.

martin took oliver out while i babbled in rachel's face in the dining room while sipping vodka and pomegranate juice. an adult beverage! i was very impressed with the way oliver warmed to martin so quickly. martin had him giggling and jumping off the steps and swimming with assistance in no time flat. rachel and i eventually made it into swimsuits and out to the pool with our respective babies. they both did pretty well in the water, though violet was a little at odds with her mood here and there. i think she was a little overwhelmed and i lost track of time. dinnertime, to be exact.

so, i toodled around in the water with violet while i sipped a beer (an adult beverage!) and oliver played this game of selecting one grape at a time and running back to his seat to eat it. which is good for wearing him out.

at some point, someone asked the time and we were astounded to hear it was almost 7pm. which is the witching hour for our children. i put oliver on the floor on a towel with a burrito and popped some veggie burger and guacamole into violet's face before we headed back home with our withering children. it was strange to be outside my house while the sun was setting. i experienced some of my old setting sun anxiety.

a new baby comes into the room and we just drop violet right down on the floor.



rachel exhibits effortless extension of the arms.



sunday, i dragged us out of here "early" and took oliver to the galleria playland so he could burn off some more steam. violet did a fair job of scooting around in there, too. we then took ourselves down to the old navy, stopping so oliver and daddy could try out all the chairs in the resting nook. i finally found that yellow, polka-dotted one piece i had seen ages ago for violet. it is hilarious with belly ruffles. all of the little boy swimsuits everywhere are doused in style retardation with their lengths extending on toward the ankles. even if i selected a 2T or 3T to hold up to oliver, they still looked like blousy pants. plus, old navy has the tendency to plaster their name all over the little boy clothing. no billboarding, please. instead we purchased him two pairs of large shoes. the green-zippered high tops and the white velcro numbers with the blue toe. i ended up not feeling fondly of the second pair after seeing them in action. but i suppose i won't ever have to wear them.

i think it was that evening that we planted our soaked cosmos seeds. i am very excited to see little sproutlings in the pot out there. i even verified they are not a return of the weeds as they still had their little seed pods attached to their heads. imagine that! growing something from a seed! i wonder how we shall manage to kill them!
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