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soccer finale, ymca revisit, and reviving my co-ed status.

friday a week ago, brian took the day off from work so we could drive to okc for our annual visit with his aunt imo, who visits okc from phoenix. alas, there were some pesky tornadoes in the area where imo's sister lives and knocked out her power. she lives in the sticks and it usually takes a week for them to get everything up and running again. trip postponed.

brian stayed home and did chores. this is our idea of entertainment these days. free time for chores! it makes me groan.

as a result of the tornadic destruction of electricity in the outreaches of oklahoma, oliver was able to attend the last soccer game of the season. he will not be proceeding on to the tee ball team, as i could not bear watching him standing at the plate staring at the ground and chewing his fingers for five minutes every time it was his turn at bat. plus, there is no way i will stand around for an hour twice a week in the 100 degree heat. i'm not that kind of lady.

so we went to the last soccer game and oliver actually did this little hopping, scurrying run a couple of times out on the field. it was largely unrelated to the actions occurring with the ball, but that is entirely beside the point.

he got to do some kind of field kick where everyone has to wait for him to kick the ball into play (i know nothing of soccer) and he did it in super slow motion.


we had a successful nap that afternoon after dangling a carrot called the pinata store in front of him. it's a little place called party surprize down on ross sandwiched between pizza patron and the fiesta supermarket. it's a narrow little thing and we delighted in all it's ancient-seeming items. we purchased a mysterious mexican loteria game printed on cardboard. oliver stood soundlessly watching the attendant filling pink and gold balloons with helium for a party at a club. i was unable to find a miniature pinata for the birthday cake.


nice moustachio.

for grins, we proceeded to the fiesta and enjoyed the lively tejano music being piped in. i barely resisted buying "religious" candles promising to bring me money and keep the law away. they did not have these back during my early 90s religious candle buying phase. instead, i got mestemacher sunflower seed bread and brian got a jar of pickled cactus. why not. oliver just wandered around behind us with his eyes wide.

the afternoon was waning and the evening coming on full force at this point, but it was saturday and we celebrated by taking brian to whole earth provision to look at shoes. the kids and i perused the toy section. and then i took a turn finding shoes i could not have before we headed home.

sunday was pleasant enough due to a lack of broiler-type temperatures, so we went out into the world early to visit forestwood park. we were not the only ones with that idea. i almost drove away after seeing children swarming the tree-shaded playground like ants. there were these large, mysterious mushrooms sprinkled about the wood chips. i suppose wood chips is probably the key to unlock that mystery. i wonder if any child ever got around to eating some of them.



we were fortunate to be graced once again with a sleeping oliver and i managed some time to cook up a double batch of seitan and a single batch of fart-eriffic chili for dinner. i proceeded to alternate between farting and trying not to fart for the rest of the evening.

on tuesday, i finally honored oliver's request to "branch out" by going to the Y location on normandy instead of our usual branch. this was the one we originally tried to make home base until our second visit (followed by our third and fourth visits) where we discovered the vast ineptitudes and lack of interest of the teenaged child care workers. unfortunately, i did not realize that their child care hours start 30 minutes later and we were left to wander the halls aimlessly for 25 minutes. i don't know if that's going to "work out."

i finally got them in there and was pleased to see the staff seemed to have been revamped. i reduced my time on the elliptical to 20 minutes and then tried to weave my way through the tightly packed weight machines. i skipped several simply because they were about three feet away from other machines with unknown men sitting on them and positioned to stare directly at the machine i was in want to use. i don't need that kind of pressure.

when i arrived to pick up the kids and asked how they did, i was surprised to hear violet had cried briefly as i was basically asking after oliver and not the least bit concerned about violet. they said he was shy. which probably means he spent 85% of his time in there standing sadly in one place.

wednesday, violet figured out that she can follow me around the house. so she did that. she also does that funny baby thing where they can be crawling after something and you can holler, "VIOLET!" or what have you behind them and they'll turn to look at you before trying to scurry away as quickly as possible. like that giddy adrenaline rush you get when playing chase. anyway. it cracks me up.

in other news, this was the day my vacuum cleaner began making tiny, copper-colored lightning bolts because i used to wrap the cord in a direction that obviously placed stress on it and who knew they would construct it in such a way that you could so easily do it, but there you go. i stopped wrapping it in that direction, but the damage had already begun. if i held it just so, it would stay on, but kept getting worse the more the wire separated. i tried putting electrical tape on it and that killed it completely, ironically. i finally ordered another on amazon on saturday and checked today to see it doesn't even go out until tomorrow. jesus christ. you have no idea how filthy violet gets every time i put her on the floor. i have never in my life wanted to vacuum so badly.

i also decided to be fancy and change the sheets and comforter on our bed. i put on the shiny white comforter. after quite some time of oskar not puking on the bed, he puked on the bed four days later. as expected. hey! at least he didn't shit on my pillow in the middle of the night! something to be thankful for! or, look forward to!

somewhere in there, i learned i was ineligible for a federal grant to take continuing ed courses online at one of the local community colleges, surprise surprise. part of the problem is this large sum of dollars sitting in brian's savings account from his aunt and destined for the kids' 529 plans. so it looks like we're stinking rich. and i've got a lesser amount of savings in my account which will either buy a house someday or keep me in groceries on another.

this didn't stop me from signing up for my first class. it starts june 19th. don't let me forget. however, the website is so retarded, that after i signed up for an account, it decided to completely bypass the payment section and got stuck in a loop refusing to go through the payment section as if someone designed their website and never bothered testing it. i do not know what is going on. i suppose ms. duck (no really, that's her name) just enjoys having every new student emailing to ask how to pay. job security.

getting violet to sleep lately has been going the way of the roller coaster. my life is starting to feel like a series of trying to put her down and trying to put her back down. i spend a lot of time hanging over the edge of the crib getting premature arthritis. the other night, she woke up for something crazy like an hour and a half so that she could lie between me and brian practicing her can can kicks.

this is getting too long.
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