changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


one of oliver's birthday presents arrived yesterday: A VIEW-MASTER!

two or three years ago, brian had purchased a handful of reels at buchanan's and we just never got around to getting the viewer and giving it to oliver.

i had completely forgotten how mother fucking awesome those things are. i had completely forgotten they're 3D (despite seeing listings for view-master viewer 3D.

i popped in 20,000 leagues under the sea: battling the giant octopus and was enraptured. i imagined the view-master as escapist drug of choice. then, skippy the squirrel. i couldn't tell if that guy was alive or taxidermied, but i know i couldn't not think of robin. which was the same thought i had when viewing squirrel-shaped candy molds on the internet later last night or when i view a squirrel anything at any time.

wonders of nature was on next, followed by the conquest of space. i couldn't stop. brian was knocking on the door to the bathroom. i locked the knob. IT WAS MY TURN.

sequoia nat'l park - II and the sunken gardens: st. petersburg florida - u.s.a and i was done. a puddle on the floor.

and now i need more. more reels. MORE REELS.

i don't know if oliver is ready for the gruesomeness of this one yet.

this one is for you, emily_swank.
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