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mother's day weekend.

remember how excited i was for friday before last to arrive? the day where my sister would show up in the morning to play with violet while i organized and cleaned my sloppy condo?

well, oliver started wailing in the middle of the night that was positioned between thursday and friday. brian returned from checking on him and reported he felt warm. my denial began to fire itself up as i silently reminded myself how brian is ill-practiced in the art of the mommy method of fever detection. though usually, this manifests with him being incapable of detecting fever even when a child is on the verge of combusting. nonetheless.

friday morning rolled on in and brian told me oliver was reluctant to remove himself from the bedcovers. which isn't unusual (except on mornings where getting up is not a requirement for mommy and daddy). deep down, i knew it was the fever holding him hostage. still, i went about preparing for the day for 10 minutes.

and then i had to accept it. i called my sister and shooed her away with much regret.

all of our medication was recalled, so brian said i should have my sister bring some so he could go to work as he had gotten up early. i struggled to determine how getting up on time equalled getting up early, but didn't see the point of arguing it. i informed him we should not wait three hours to give our ailing child some relief and i was not going to expose outsiders to germs anyhow.

while brian was at the cvs, oliver popped out of bed and carried on about his merry business in that way children have of getting fevers that keep them home from school, but seem to have no effect on them. he was medicated and then i found him curled up in his bed three hours later, burning up with more fever. and three hours to go until he could be re-medicated. just a note for you out there looking to replace your meds... try to wait until the shelves are restocked as the disgusting chemical flavor additives of dye-free mixed berry motrin are superior to the disgusting flavor additives of cvs's dye-added-for-no-good-reason mixed berry non-motrin.

i put violet down for her nap and, after about an hour, i asked oliver if he would like to lie on the couch and watch stories. he thought this pretty fancy and began to perk up again.

i eventually decided i needed to leave the house before i lapsed into a depression, so we all hopped in the car and i committed the starbucks sin, made okay by covering it up with the excuse of buying the sick child apple juice. two seconds later, i looked in the mirror to see oliver passed out.

i toured all over the tree-lined east dallas neighborhoods for 1.5 hours. i called darren (voice mail), my mother, my sister, and brian. i found this tiny, little park with no parking lot, which had a spider web made of ropes and a bank of swings. i found a school bordered by flamingo lane and sunland street and decided i wanted to move there. i had absolutely no idea where i was, as a result of making turns while talking on my speaker phone, and then i stumbled right out on to jupiter road. jupiter! what was i doing way over there?

i returned home close to five and allowed brian to come home with burritos for dinner. oliver cried and cried upon our arrival and i tried to be understanding, but i was standing in the parking lot with 20 pounds of crying violet hanging off my left forearm. i attempted to coax him out with kindness, but finally had to pull out a little ugly to get things rolling. he ambled up the staircase and came to a crash on the couch, where he stayed for a couple more hours. we were getting on to bedtime by the time he finally got up, in good spirits, and i worried the child would not stay down for the night. but, lo and behold, i returned later from putting down violet (which took a REALLY long time) and he had gone off to bed. somewhere in there, he had developed a random sore throat which brought him to his knees every time he thought he could get away with sipping his acidic apple juice.

violet slept from 8:30ish until 4:00am in her crib. it was cause for groggy, middle of the night celebration, which we had to remind ourselves had happened the following day.

saturday was supposed to be a big day. it was oliver's final soccer game (as we will be out of town this saturday for the real last game of the season... except i just this moment realized we can now make it as our trip to okc has been called off due to tornadoes, of all things) and he had also been invited, along with all of his classmates, to a "messy" birthday party with foam machines and water hoses and silly string.

oliver was feeling hunky dory enough, but the old fever was still hemming and hawing and forcing us to be responsible parents who don't expose other small people to "illness", if you can call it that. we all loaded up to go expose the kids at whole foods, not to mention violet because we unwittingly saddled them both up in an airplane grocery cart without a second thought until the end of the trip. we then had to sprint home to drop food off and back out again to go deliver snacks to the soccer team. the kids both fell asleep, so i parked under a tree and listened to a story on npr about sex maniacs living under a bridge in florida while brian watched the end of the game.

we ran a couple more errands before heading home. i fed children dinner and awaited the rolling around of bedtime. i had plans that did not involve children. i think violet sensed this, much as she did the last time i had plans that did not involve children, and she became a pill to get to sleep. she was pissed. it took the both of us to get her out cold and took about an hour.

i rushed out the door and met darren at the grapevine. i sipped kamikazes while he sipped martinis. they brought him his second in this ridiculous glass that had a glass ball as the stem. not the most brilliant idea in a bar full of drunks, not to say that darren was drunk. however, we were sitting outside at a set of rickety chairs and table (i use the term loosely) which were placed atop loose rocks. darren was trying to be especially careful of his weird, little glass and was holding it in an attempt to keep it secure when, all of a sudden, our conversation was torn at the seams by what sounded like a sound byte from a movie of a glass breaking and what do you know. there was darren's glass all broken asunder. we're not sure how. except that it was a stupid concept for a martini glass.

oh my lord. it was like this one right here.

i worried about going to the new outdoor restroom as it's placement was ill-conceived so that you had to walk through a basketball game to get to it. i didn't really want everyone looking at me as i barged through as i had been having wardrobe difficulties and was dressed as a pregnant pear that night. i also feared exiting the restroom to a facefull of basketball. but i went anyway. oh, and i kept getting the feeling the entire table of males next to us was gawking at me. either that, or they were gawking at someone past me and kept looking at me to keep the actual target from thinking they were looking at them. if i had an ego, i would've thought they were checking my hot shit out. as it was, please refer to the sentence above regarding fertile fruit. plus, there's something about being a mom that makes you feel like you have a brand on your forehead that would keep anyone from checking you out. i just couldn't imagine.

so darren and i shot the shit and i was brave enough to stand in line at the bathroom a second time and chat with a lesbian and then i was brave enough to try and audio record the two mens in the one stall next to me who kept saying something about spin? i think? but my camera battery was dead.

violet was kind enough to stay asleep until i returned home. i worried having that beer might do me in, but perhaps the waitress stealing it from me when it still had a couple of fingers in the glass did the trick.

that sunday was mother's day. brian had asked me what i wanted a couple of days prior and i informed him i wanted nothing. we have no business spending money. i don't need anything. so, he acquiesced by getting me nothing and sent an $80 plant to his mother, while the card i'd had oliver craft for her for free sat collecting dust on the dinner table. oliver was not in the mood to make a card for me.

the weather was pretty shitty that day, so we didn't make our annual pilgrimage to the twelve hills nature preserve and we didn't go to fair park in order to make that a tradition. to extend vehicular naptime, we went to target for some supplies, home to pick up dinner items for children, and out for a drive where i tried to recreate my discovery of the hidden park, but failed immensely. it was like they had rolled it right in and left an empty field in its place. we proceeded to a rare dinner in a restaurant, cosmic cafe, and even split a piece of vegan italian cream cake for dessert.
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