changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

urine luck! it's my new favorite saying around here.

so this weekend, juana of the UTI juanas PEED ON THE FUCKING COUCH AGAIN. (allegedly)

she has been placed back on antibiotics and will be going in for bloodwork this eve. perhaps i shall affix a collar round her neck with a tag reading UP FOR ADOPTION.

brian just about emptied a gallon jug of nature's miracle on the couch and determined last night he thinks he still smells the urine.

juana has been held prisoner since. which means a litter box is out in the dining room again.

THIS BABY WANTS NOTHING MORE THAN TO CRAWL ON OVER TO THAT FUCKING LITTER BOX. we just had a race of her trying to get to the litter box, saying "aehhh aehhh aehhh", and me trying to block her from the litter box. it's either that or the empty cat food bag. i leave pockets of toys all over this place to enchant her and all she wants is litter boxes, cat food, cat hair, and trash bags.

as discovered last night, it turns out you can get oliver to eat all his chili by bartering with him using tic tac toe on the iphone.
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