changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

cleaning the floors.

yesterday, one of my two eggplants exploded right there in the oven. like a bullet going off. what if i'd been in there rotating it? i would've lost a finger in an eggplant incident. i have never seen such in all my many days of eggplant roasting. of course, i'm also a firm believer in popping them in there whole. reduces the baked on mess. i'm willing to lose a finger if it means i will have less to clean.

violet has been doing a fine job of dust mopping my floor with her pretty dresses. she is wearing navy blue today. i'm sure you can imagine. she is filthy even when crawling on a floor two seconds after i've vacuumed it. i'm not sure why i bother. she is also as excellent a scotch tape finder as oliver is an excellent scotch tape loser.

i like this crawling thing after all. she doesn't scream when i'm out of view like she does when confined. yesterday, she screamed at me for 30 minutes because i placed her in her deluxe play yard to get dinner started. and that was 30 minutes of me holding her. she refused to cease until i plugged her up with a nipple. she was quite the crier yesterday. it was wearing me right down.

monday night, brian went to walgreen's for his effexor and came home with someone else's antibiotics. this is the second time in six months they have given him the wrong medication. that is horrifying. he says he tried to use his frightening voice when he called them and they gave me back his $35 when i went the next morning to make the switcheroo. shortly after using his frightening voice, he went in to pick up violet from the far side of her crib and pulled out his back. again. so, he was home with me yesterday. i keep telling him that back exercises might be a good idea and he responded how there are many things he would like to do, but there are just not hours in the day, and i kindly pointed out how much time it takes to throw out his back for a couple of days at a time. and it's not particularly fun for me either to be the only person able to physically manhandle insane tiny people.

i made a lovely dinner last night of roasted and curried cauliflower, seitan cutlets, and red bell pepper sauteed with "butter", garlic, red wine vinegar, and a bag of cremini mushrooms i had forgotten i had. violet tried out some guacamole and baba ghanouj. not sure how she felt about them.

there are some foods i can eat all the live long day without issue and then, all of a sudden, i will eat them and feel like i'm allergic to them. like i'm getting hives on my tongue or in my throat. i was experiencing this yesterday and could not determine if it was coming from the eggplant or the guacamole, but i looked at the tip of my tongue and there were tiny, blistered taste buds on there. brian used this as proof that no one should eat eggplant.
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