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the backyard get together and how the pony pinata suffered.

i came home from sunflower market this morning and quickly learned the water had been turned off. i tiptoed down the stairs with violet to find the notice i had missed, only to find barren walls. i held my breath and called the management, afraid i would get the bitch lady. i got the bitch lady, but she was only bitchy when she said she would be having some words with the porter designated to notify us about water shortages.

of course, it's during this two hour, waterless window that violet decided to poop. i became very glad i had filled the water pitcher 3 minutes before the cut off, but i also noticed oliver's half full water bottle and was able to use that to wet my wipe for her derriere. of course, now there's a pile of poop just sitting in there since i couldn't dunk it in the toilet. changing poopy babies takes a lot of water.

there's this man who keeps ringing my cell phone. the calls seem to be increasing in frequency. we're up to about once a week now. i envision him as an older african-american man who is not a friend to modern technology. like, i think he's actually dialing a number every time and getting me on occasion. he likes to start off with, "hey, honey!" one particular night, i decided to respond in kind. he then asked me where i was. no clue that he was speaking to the wrong voice.

he called just now, while i was waiting for violet to tire herself to sleep in the bedroom. in my efforts to close the gap between me and the ringing with great efficiency, i managed to spill approximately fifteen drops of coffee. and no water to wet my sponge.

brian worked this weekend. he also spent a great deal of time stressing how he needed to work. he does this frequently. oftentimes, the time he laments needing to work will far surpass his actual time working. he is a very bad remote worker. cannot be trusted to be left to his own devices.

i took the kids to the park friday after school. this seems to be a trend with me lately. i'm hoping my thursdays at the gym will become as solid a trend. even though oliver always seems way too anxious to leave when i arrive. last thursday, i asked if we should go to a different Y and he said, "yes, take me to a different Y." i asked him to tell me what he didn't like about that Y and he employed that frustrating, circular preschooler logic where you say, "what don't you like about the Y?" and they respond with something like, "yes, because i don't like the Y."

wow. i think violet just put herself down for a nap. second-born kids!

so anyhow. i baked vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies after bedtime friday night for the back yard get together saturday. two dozen. this was a mistake. i was eating cookies like they were pieces of unbuttered popcorn. which is precisely why i rarely ever make desserts around here. i am uncontrollable. and this after thinking i had arrived at a place of great and comforting self-control mere moments before the initial consumption.

saturday morning, i fortunately heard my sister ringing my cell phone and learned she was down at the old high school waiting for oliver's soccer game. she was still operating off the old schedule. oops. i invited her over for some chit chat and baby holding. she will be returning this friday to play with a baby while i try to get this place a little more in order. i find this very exciting. it's like all the times my weekly email has said to accept offers from friends and family to help out with the kids and i've sat there wondering what on earth that must be like. or all those people who drop the kids off with family for their weekly date night. a what night? well, i never. really.

oliver refused to nap and violet napped for her customary 30 minutes. not enough for a baby, mind you.

and then we took ourselves on over to marianne's at 3pm. ish. the threat of thunderstorms had moved on and the rain that had fallen early in the morning did not wreak too much havoc on the lawn. i did not realize we were coming over to christen their new deck and screened porch. i experienced high levels of back yard envy as i watched oliver unfold into his comfort zone around strangers and begin to run circles around the lawn. each and every mobile child relished the act of going in and out of the porch through the screen door. we had to tame oliver's gusto, as he was throwing the door open wildly with very small toddlers about and he managed to spill annette's sangria on her shirt. fortunately, it was made with white wine.

violet chilled out on the patio table for ages and played with beer bottle caps. i fed her baby spaghetti. she got these tiny scratches all over her knees from crawling, but didn't seem to mind one bit. we moved her to a blanket on the grass with a chunky six month old named molly. the blanket was a major thoroughfare for the children with legs.

a tiny little tikes slide materialized and oliver and the other boys ran mad circles from the end of the slide to the ladder until they melted into butter and oliver and grady knocked heads. oliver tried to be an adult, but mommy opened the emotional door and let him know his tears could come out.

it was nice being around people with kids and having a couple of beers and a veggie burger and watching oliver socialize outdoors.

brian lost a fight.



sunday, i took the kids solo to target because we were about to be distressed over a lack of toilet paper. i told oliver if he could behave the entire time, he would be rewarded with tar-bucks apple juice. and then it occurred to me i'm probably not supposed to do that. i also told him we could visit the toy aisle, if he would agree to calmly exit the area when i told him to do so. he was so jazzed about the apple juice, he was the one who suggested we should go. but not after we hula hooped and bounced a sky ball. i see this in our summertime future:

made in china! exotic!

oliver was a little gentleman and retrieved his juice from the cooler and placed it on the counter. he showed remarkable self-restraint by not opening it until we were all the way home and he had his enchilada lunch in front of him on the coffee table.

he proceeded to not nap, while violet napped for her customary 40 minutes.

i took the children solo to the white rock lake park. there was a birthday party going on at the picnic pavilion. i felt bad because oliver tried a couple of times to walk on over and enjoy the scene and i had to tell him, in so many words, that we weren't invited and i feared squashing his overflowing sense of unadulterated community.

i kicked myself yet again for leaving my camera in the car as i watched him in the shade of a tree picking his favorite wildflowers. and again as he stood with flowers in hand at the top of the tall slide with the sky and trees and sun behind him. and again as he was in the grassy field near a large tree with flowers still in hand, and a rock in the other, and standing nose to nose with a large, hot pink pony pinata.

while i had been pushing him on the big boy swing, we watched two of the male guests tie a short log to one end of their traditional, yellow, pinata rope and try to toss it over the perfect pinata branch. after a couple of tries, it did that thing where it goes over and then quickly swings all the way around the branch one more time and locks it into place. grandma found the world's biggest branch and dragged it over so they could knock the log back around. whew. i mean. what would've happened if the pinata rope had stayed stuck?

so, yeah. oliver was totally fascinated by all this and i tried to give him a brief synopsis of the pinata and all its charms. after he got off the swing, he continued to stand and stare. that's when he eventually wandered over to say hi to the pony, after everyone else had gone back over to the party. grandma came by with a little girl and tried to get oliver to pet its multi-colored, pastel-rainbowed, crepe paper mane. but he just stared.

we wandered a little way away to go down a slide, but then it was time for action. the party-goers all lined up and the pinata stick came out and i could not keep oliver from wandering back over to the perimeter of the playground to stare. i worried a little that it might be too gruesome and kept remembering the last time we were caught up at a park with a pinata party. but that one was shaped like a person and oliver was only around 18 months old. we escaped early to prevent viewing the brutality.

he got pretty worked up when the first leg came off. he kept saying things like, "oh! poor pony! his leg came off! that boy hit his leg off because it has candy in it! poor pony!"

i was having difficulty sensing whether his emotions were in the positive or negative spectrum, but after another couple of legs came off, i asked him if he would rather go to the car and he said, "yes." we went down another slide and he talked about that poor pony all the way home. i told him they would put him back together later.

i had to hustle dinner once we got home, as i had allowed us to dally too long watching the pinata and oliver had dallied too long getting his shoes on to go to the park initially (opting instead to get completely naked first... i do not know why).

i had achieved some success last week with a very simple recipe out of veganomicon for baked bbq tofu, so i paired that with ina garten's baked potato wedges, which i had seen her prepare while i ran for my life on the elliptical machine thursday. it was a success all around as brian had seconds and threatened to eat oliver's dinner if he didn't. i'm not sure if oliver scarfed it down because he thought it fantastic or because dinner was late and even later for him because he spent most of it sequestered in his bedroom and lamenting tearfully about how he had to pick up his mess of flashcards.
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