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visiting violet's crib with a side trip to sears.

well good grief.

we just went and tried another round of the old nursing and putting the baby in the crib business. the second she hit the mattress, she told me she would rather be set on fire than be in her crib, in so many words. then, after a couple of minutes of that, she spun 90 degrees on her belly because she realized there was another end to the crib and perhaps she should take a good, quiet look at it. she became quite thoughtful and noticed the outlet behind the breathable bumper (reminder to get the outlet covers out) and the little einstein aquarium on the railing. i ducked down to where she couldn't see me and went to steal the batteries from the swing, which had earlier been stolen from the toddler island. i returned and popped them in and she did that baby thing where they try to look away and two seconds later they think, "oh yeah, there's something behind me. maybe i should take another look to see what it's doing now." she did that for awhile and then just kind of spun around on her belly.

she eventually started wearing out again and the wailing came back on and i started getting bursitis in my hip joints from hanging over the edge of the crib and trying to massage a moving target.

i began to feel like i was trying to kill jason. like, you think he's down for the count, but he just keeps coming back stronger than ever before, made more powerful by his increased lack of sleep.

and then finally, FINALLY!, she went to sleep. in her crib. for the first time! i think.

look, i made a picture of it.


and, if you can believe it, i forgot a couple from my post from last weekend.

rusty taco.

oliver eating peanut butter banana chocolate chip ice cream (made lovingly by me). this is the first time he's really embraced it. i think he found it too cold previously.

i went to sears yesterday because my rear passenger tire had gone flattish again and i thought i could handle a $20 patch fee. while i was at it, i figured i'd have them install that brake light. how much could that possibly cost? $5? the sears man said it would be $20 to patch and $25 to install the bulb. instead of saying, "what?! oh man! never mind," i said, "what?! oh man! go right ahead!" and i walked violet in the stroller across a sea of parking cement and into the valley view mall. i have not spent an appreciable amount of time in this mall since i was around 21 years old and it felt very weird to be walking around in there. i felt like i could bump into the ghost of my other self at any moment. i spied the top of the carousel from the second floor and remembered reading recently that they have a play area. i found it. it was like a camp site. it was kind of knocked about and had some chunks missing. it didn't look like they bothered to clean it well and there were some creepy looking crumbs on the floor. i put violet down there anyway.

after awhile, this little girl who looked to be around five came and plopped down on the bench next to me. she was african-american and i did not see any african-american parents around, nor anyone else who might own this child. she told me how the other girl in the pink shirt wouldn't play with her. she told me she has four siblings who were all at home and daddy was gone and momma was in a shop nearby, i think. i told her she should just join the little, pink-shirted girl. she left immediately and went and hugged her or something. she came back shortly and rambled some more and saw the coke machines behind us and said how she wanted a pop, etc.

i was pretty mortified that a parent would leave their five year old alone in a public space. i probably should've called security. i mean really. what if i had been some weirdo man sitting in there on his lunch break. "sure, honey. i can get you a pop, but we'll have to go across the hall to those family bathrooms to drink it." or, "sure, baby. but we have to go to my car first to get the money."


anyway. here are some cute photos of violet sitting amongst the mysterious crumbs. she really liked using that stringy pull tab to try and tear the carpeting off the floor.


sears called me twice while we were in there. once to report my headlight was out, which i had completely forgotten that brian had told me. these days, if it costs money, i think i must be deaf to it. and they called again to report the leak was on top of an old patch and they could give me a shiny, new cooper tire for $50. the $20 turned into $120. no surprise there.

now to figure out how to fix my horn.
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