changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

well, then. here's something new to worry about.

violet has not spent any appreciable amount of time in the swing since she was an infant. today, i cleaned out oskar's bed AGAIN, also known as the crib, hoping i could start getting her to sleep in there a little. she's been sleeping terribly the last week or two and i'm wondering if she's at the age where brian's jerking around in his sleep is waking her up. it's likely exacerbated since she now sleeps between us so that she doesn't flop herself out of the bed.

so anyhow. i tried nursing her while standing next to the crib and then put her in the crib. but she wasn't falling asleep and got pissed when i set her down. so i hauled out the swing and the baby einstein to see if she would nap that way and she did not. instead, she discovered this.

needless to say, i just about had a heart attack.
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