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weekend in review and violet's first stand.

i'd say violet is on her way to practicing stacking skills. there were a couple of times the other day i thought she might be stacking some roy toy logs, but wasn't positive. but i'm thinking she just now intended to stack that block on top of the honey bear. i think she also tried to brush her hair the other day. and now, she's brushing it with a block. such a little lady. with the smoker's laugh.

she also just sneezed precisely at the moment i was placing oatmeal in her mouth. kids!

we had a glorious weekend this one past. it was filled with delectable weather and forays out into it.

friday night is now a senseless blur. perhaps i took children to the park after school. perhaps not.

saturday, we had another 1pm game, which equals naptime. they switched us from lindsley park to the field at woodrow wilson high school, whose district we are currently in. it's a glorious, multi-storied brick building built in the '30s. my niece asked if it was abandoned. she is used to shiny, new things. my sister was also present. oliver went out on to the field both times his presence was requested and he held coach stephen's hand during game time.

the coaches seemed much more intense than during previous games. i kept thinking, "aw... they're just three and four year olds." and i became frightened of what the future might hold if brian gets his way and makes a sporting man of either of my children.

oliver on the field while the ball is in action.


anyway. little people were far overdue for a nap, so we placed them delicately into their carseats and began driving. we went a little north and i popped into an auto zone to procure a tail light and a pair of those fuse tweezers. the worker bee talked me into upgrading to a model with a built in fuse-tester. it will light up for you! at only twice the price! i attempted to swap out the bulb later on, but ran away in fear after checking the owner's manual to learn how to gain access and instead being told the light bulbs will likely all explode right into my face and hands. what if i hadn't checked the manual? i would be blind and handless now!

after the auto zone, people were still sleeping, so we popped over to the old navy at the galleria thinking i might find some kind of pants item to wrap around my lower half. instead, i walked in the door and immediately found ten things violet cannot live without. the children awoke refreshed while i was having a dismal time in the dressing room. i returned to my vehicle to find brian sandwiched between them in the backseat. we returned home and sort of did whatever it is we do for awhile, i suppose. brian took oliver to the video store to rent this russian thing called mermaid which whittles its way into people's machines by falsely likening itself to amelie. and let me tell you, brother... amelie it ain't.

anyway, brian and oliver got to the dvd store and this is where oliver likes to run up and down the aisles, which is constructive enough for me. it's better than back when he used to like to pull switcheroos with the dvd covers. so, brian and oliver jogged down an aisle to the back where the new releases section is and brian started scanning the shelves. he looked down at oliver to see him making that awful face where it looks like he's trying really hard not to cry. and brian said, "oliver? what's the matter?" and oliver burst into tears and wouldn't say why. brian said there was an odd man standing a bit off, but doesn't know why that would make him cry. we fancy this was what was going on at school that one awful week last month. among other times. mystery unsolved.

sunday, we decided it was finally time to head downtown to the newly opened main street garden. we had planned to take the train down there, as we've still never ridden on it, but we didn't really have the time.

i don't know how i had missed that this park was actually on its way. all this time, i had thought they were building a UNT downtown campus building there. brian told oliver we were going to curious george's park, i'm guessing because curious george must go to a park near tall buildings. when we pulled up across the street, oliver proclaimed that this was definitely not curious george's park and he had no interest thusly. we convinced him to at least give it a go and we then realized that no one had more than $.40 in change for the meter. that equals 16 minutes.

we hopped out and crossed the street. there's an area called the tot lot with fancy, non-traditional playground structures. there's also a dog run with circles to jump through. i like to think of this as tot lot #2, though we didn't make it that far. there's a great lawn and lots of benches and flowers and even a cafe (sadly, it was not open at the time). after a little while, i looked back to the benches made of big slabs of marble installed over some pavers and realized there was now water running across the pavers. a wading pool! oliver and i removed our shoes and hopped in. rather refreshing.

oliver has taken a shine to this rubber frog dog toy someone at work in denton gave me a million years ago for a birthday, i guess? he insisted the frog wear his "sock", which was a burp cloth taped around him. brian tried to get him to leave it at home because he thought it looked like a hobo, but i intervened and told him it was cute, for cryin' out loud.

looking up at this building will make you dizzy.

brian looked like a main street garden tot lot official employee, what with his matching shirt and all.

these things were awesome. i spun around three times and immediately remembered how i can no longer tolerate spinning at all these days without serious-feeling consequences. there was this one girl, probably seven years old, whose father was spinning the holy jesus right out of her. i considered calling CPS.

brian's parking meter alarm had already gone off and he searched for more silver coins to no avail. so we packed up and headed down the road to reverchon park, dallas's oldest. it's been going through an overhaul and the roomy parking lot had miraculously turned into a grassy field in order to run off the mens who enjoyed using it for exchanges of sex and drugs. men!

oliver proclaimed that this was definitely curious george's park.

this park has these fancy rock steps which were set into all the hills by the WPA. you teeter precariously up them and discover thrones and benches and tables made of rocks. a delight for all youngsters looking for a place to drink! can you imagine? i took violet up there while brian and oliver ran mightily for the swings.

they've finally finished building a decent connection from the park to katy trail (where bush likes to jog) so that you don't have to break your neck trying to scale a steep embankment and burst through the bamboo at the top. there was a steady stream of people pouring out from the trail and across the park. some kind of athletic event must have been culminating there. they emphasized how the trail should have proceeded straight across instead of having a fancy split. that stampede of tennis shoes was wearing a cattle trail across the green.

witness one of dallas's many ill-mannered children and oliver's typical response to such behavior, fingers in his mouth.

oh, pardon me. i just looked over to see violet standing at the table. what a little lady. i've only seen her pull up solidly one other time (in the play yard) on something that wasn't my fingers. the only camera i had in the room was the high-quality camera built into the laptop.


anyhow, we toodled around reverchon and then headed home where oliver informed us we would be dining on pb&j sandwiches out on the balcony, as he had a picnic at school on earth day and was keen to repeat the experience. brian settled for enchiladas, the spoiled sport. we sat out in the glaring sun on our new balcony surface, which is the color of shiny putty and embedded with these tiny, rough bumps which do a real number on your shins when you try to sit indian style unprotected. we're part cherokee around here, so it's okay for me to say that.

this is a photo of brian looking grumpy. if you miss even one opportunity to push oliver on a downward swing, he will let you know it. on this particular day, he was totally losing his shit over it.

everything looks better with a baby on it. i mean, your own baby on it.

napping was unsuccessful for both children, but not for brian, who claimed he had hours of work to complete. i placed the children in the napmobile and returned mermaid to the dvd store and returned recyclables to the recycling store. i then drove around aimlessly, mucking up the atmosphere, and by aimlessly, i mean i drove to starbucks. it's been trying to suck me back in, but the fight isn't over yet.

upon our return, we sorted ourselves out to leave once again. we walked on down the road to the intersection of university and greenville where they've finally opened up Rusty Taco. we've had high hopes and big daydreams about this place. it's fashioned from a failed Just Brakes and promised outdoor seating, a kid friendly atmosphere, and cheap bear. as expected, the one vegetarian taco was cooked in meat grease, so i asked for guacamole and chips. they informed brian the queso was out, so he asked for salsa and chips and two meat-based vegetable burritos. we won a picnic table on the east side outdoors and when our food order was up, brian discovered he had been given queso. he told them he had ordered guacamole and they came back with salsa. or something like that. it was a ball of confusion.

oliver and i ate lots of chips and salsa. violet ate lots of banana pieces and chilled in her stroller. we drank beers and since i did not ever see the schlitz or pabst listed on the menu, i wound up with one of those retarded new miller bottles with the tornado in the neck that is designed to impart maximum miller flavor to my tongue. we're part retarded around here, so it's okay for me to say that.
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