changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

cats for sale.

i had gone to the store earlier this morning and that kind of messed up the day for taking violet for a walk. and my three course dinner of bbq tofu, ethiopian chickpeas, and ginger soy green beans with mushrooms meant i needed to get home and cook instead of taking the kids to the park after school.

so then. this afternoon and evening were devolving into a repeat of last thursday, what with the baby crying every chance she got and oliver kicking juana in the side followed by violently and persistently beating in violet's soft spot with one of the arms on a rubber starfish tub toy.

we have difficulty getting oliver to button down and eat dinner during dinnertime and i'm endlessly tired of spending an hour telling him if he doesn't eat dinner, it goes away and no dessert. which is bad form, but it's kind of this motherly instinct to have your child eat and it's really hard to have them crying real tears when you take their food away. tonight was one of those nights where i was feeling like a loud and unyielding german hausfrau and after oliver decided to make sport of spitting bites back on to his plate the second time, i snatched it up and away. there was wailing indeed. plus, we had made soy yogurt popsicles this afternoon for his dessert tonight and he was grieving mightily for them.

i kept thinking i would joke with, or foreshadow to, brian how i wondered who was going to be responsible for the evening's errant bodily function. but with all the hollering and otherwise inhospitable behavior going on, i didn't feel like competing for sound space.

and then, i know you saw this coming, i went to pee in my bathroom and oskar was hopping in and out of the tub and he ended up in it (it's around the corner from the toilet) and i finished my goings on and rounded the corner and said, "what are you doing?" and his hindquarters were squatted over the drain and i said, "what are you doing?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" and i made with some kind of gesture toward his person and he leapt to safety and left behind this disturbingly brownish-tinted puddle of urine and i nearly joined the insane asylum.

i went to report the good news to brian, who was overseeing storytime, and he was clever enough to remember he was now using pan liners and perhaps that was oskar's beef and i hope he's right because i am about to string four cats up by their whiskers.
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