changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

day of the play date.

i just finished spending the first part of today cleaning up around here so that we don't look quite so much like we should have CPS remove our children and our household entered for an episode on hoarders. marianne, annette, and claire are coming over for a play date. i have candles burning to try and cover the scent of cat urine and whatever else might be stinking it up in here that i can no longer smell myself. whenever company is impending and brian leaves and comes back in while the candle fires have been burning, i always ask him how it smelled when he walked in. and he always responds, "i don't remember."

i'm feeling guilty lately because i keep reading and reading everyone's livejournal entries, but i'm really rotten at posting comments. even when i really want to post a comment. i feel so torn in twenty baby directions, i just can't muster the fortitude to form and type a coherent thought. so i get all greedy and just keep reading and not commenting. i know no shame.

speaking of hoarders and maybe i've already said this, who knows, but have you ever noticed that it's the same show as clean house, only with different music and jokes on one, but not the other? when hoarders first started coming on, i used to like to sing, "who wants a clean house?" it lightened the mood.

i hear a car door. it may or may not be company. i'm going to put my boob away now, just in case.
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