changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

beards in my armpit, butterflies in my house.

this morning, violet, brian, and i were lounging about in bed. oliver eventually joined us and was reclined in the crook of my left arm. he dug around and announced i had dirt in my armpit. i tried to inform him those were just some hairs, but you know how adamant preschoolers can be once they have an idea in their head.

"look at daddy. does he have dirt on his face?"
"no, not dirt. that's a beard."
"what are beards made of? are they dirt?"
"no, they're made of strings, or sum-fing."
"how do the strings stay on his face? does he use glue? or tape?"
"the strings are stuck on there with paste. i have little beards on my arm and my toe."

violet kind of started crawling yesterday evening. she was on her belly and propelling herself with her toes. there goes any fraction of time where i don't have to have eyes directly on a baby. i'm not looking forward to a return of the ugly play yard. but then, i'm also not looking forward to walking in on a baby with a mouthful of broken seashells or filthy rocks.

yesterday was the big soccer game. big because i was hoping oliver was finally going to bust out and have a good time running the whole time he was on the field, as he did during practice last wednesday. also big because grandma drove up for it and aunt lisa, dylan, and ashleigh were also there. we dined with grandma at taco boo-AY-no beforehand.

we arrived a little early to the park where they play their games, so oliver got to swing and play a little bit beforehand. then, he did a little bit of kicking the ball before the game, so i was still hopeful. he was benched for the first quarter and pulled to the field for the second. and it was more of the coach leading him around by the hand while they followed the ball in play. poop. he got to do that thing where the teams face off and one player kicks the ball, so that was exciting. the coach tried to bring him back in during the last quarter, but oliver wasn't having it. neither were some of the other players. but then, what do you expect when you schedule a soccer game filled with three year olds at nap o'clock.

i spent the afternoon and evening scratching at my decollete and left shoulder and wondering if i'm allergic to nature now (as this has been happening whenever we do things outside lately) and i finally figured out i had a little bit of a sunburn. i also realized what i thought might be a rash on violet's arms was also a little too much sun. oops.

the children fell asleep on the way home and awoke upon our arrival without the usual flowering of sour behavior. i attribute that to grandma's presence. she took oliver around the court yard so he could collect more rocks. he placed them in a container of water. this is his new thing, the placing of natural objects in water. he waits for them to grow plants. there were some leaves mildewing on the coffee table for a couple of days and i finally retrieved an apple from whole foods yesterday evening so that i could clean the leaves out, replace them with the apple, and tell oliver his plan had worked. he thought the apple was beautiful. he ate it. except for the pieces he keeps saying are the core when i catch him dumping chunks in the trash. kids.

brian and i treated ourselves to a movie from the dvd rental store last night because we had a big stack of rent-10-get-1-free coupons. we had to be quick about making a choice, as we were with two, sleep-deprived children, so capitalism: a love story won. we did not make it all the way through. i have been uncharacteristically sleepy this week and had the sense to interrupt it toward the end.

did i mention oliver received a butterfly habitat for xmas? and that i ordered the caterpillars and they ate and pooped all over their jar before cocooning? and that i transferred them to the habitat? four are out now and they poop this red meconium. who knew? we're waiting for the laggard to do his nibbling out so that they can be released into the wilds of the university place condos courtyard, where they can descend from the heavens on wings of fury and alight all over ann's ghostly hairs while she's out scrubbing the buick with a towel.

it's 11:30. i really should do something about getting this sunday party started. i mean, oliver and i did have a lovely time creating abstract, conceptual paintings on the kitchen floor, but i'm still not even wearing pants yet. and i think oliver just let brian out of time out.
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