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the first easter egg hunt of the season.

today was oliver's easter egg hunt at school. i arrived in the hallway a few minutes early and could see him through the tiny window in the door. he was wearing a green apron and walking around with a bowl and a cloth. it must have been a cleaning work. he looked like a tiny waiter. he grinned largely when he finally spotted me.

the egg hunt afforded me some time to chat with elizabeth's mother. i informed her of the drama that had been going on on oliver's side last week regarding elizabeth. i told her how he had wanted me to write elizabeth's name on a piece of paper (and i did) because he wanted to leave it in her cubbie for her mother to remind her about the pushing. i told her how he had hollered out from the back door of the car across the parking lot, "ELIZABETH AND CLAIRE I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND!" so dramatic. she already knew that the teachers had been trying to separate the two of them since it is apparently their desire to spend most of their time hanging out together and not doing works. the ruffians.

the lady who had volunteered to dress as the world's most frightening easter bunny showed up in the hall while we were still waiting for the kids. violet looked at her and looked at her and the bunny tried to get violet to pet her and violet maintained restraint and then a child opened a door, saw the rabbit, and slammed the door shut again, thus releasing a series of heartfelt wails from violet, the child who never gets upset under general circumstances. it gave me the opportunity to scoot us back from the rabbit a little bit without it looking like it was just me who wanted to escape from her, which i did.

the kids spilled on out to the hallway and oliver got his blue easter pail and held my hand while we walked in line to the playground. once everyone was assembled calmly in the grass, they were let loose. i kind of hate big easter egg hunts, where it's all kill or be killed. i was pointing out eggs to oliver in the grass and he was trotting right on by them. that child. you can point something out to him in front of his face for five minutes and he will refuse to ever see it. i pointed to three under the picnic table, but he was too scared to get them because they were inches from the shoe of a man sitting at the table with a camera and it took him awhile to get that oliver was afraid of him. and it took me saying, "don't be afraid, oliver." and then this little boy just shoved his way right into that tiny space and grabbed one of the eggs and i muttered, "that's not nice." and there were two left and oliver picked up one and i had to inform him he should pick up the other and he did.

we found nine of our allowed thirteen eggs and some person in charge stopped a boy with an overflowing basket and had him give oliver four more.


after that, oliver wanted to swing. so he did. and then, he got down to let another little girl swing and he pushed her and pushed her and made the funniest cute face every time he pushed. at some point, he found and picked a dandelion, but set it on the ground before going in because he knew they weren't allowed inside.


i caught him checking out the bunny over and over. i could tell he was dying to go over there, but too afraid. so i led him over and he stayed smack dab behind me. the rabbit lady seemed to take no notice of us as i walked backwards and forwards two feet in front of her face while she talked to a man. i finally said, "we're working up our courage to say hello, in case you were wondering what on earth i was doing." and i think it wasn't until then that she realized i had a preschooler standing carefully on the other side of me. maybe she thought i was just entertaining the baby. so, she stooped down to say hello and carefully lured him in for a photo op.


after that, it was time to line back up and head in. i think oliver was a little confused by my leaving. i stole his easter pail so that i could eliminate the candy from any offending eggs. and 11 of them were offending in this way. another offended with a quarter, which shall be contributed to brian's laundering purposes. anything made of chocolate and peanut butter or gum has been contributed to my mouth. the egg with the dinosaur inside passed inspection. i suppose i need to get to cutting up stickers as replacements before you-know-who gets home.

on my way home from the party, i stopped at a strip mall and hit another dollar tree, a steinmart, and a tuesday morning in one last dire attempt to find violet's perfect easter pail. and then i threw my hands up in the air and decided she will just grow up having a pail twice the size of oliver's and won't i be getting an earful about it come easter time every year starting in a year or two?

yesterday, i was searching for one at the ross and i saw a hooker or something by the shoe aisles. she was probably in her 30s and was wearing a long-sleeved white tshirt, white denim booty shorts with a patent red belt, and some of those shiny red boots that come halfway up the calf with spiky heels and a platform toe and a white cross on the side. which i found curious.

like these, only in red.

tonight we color easter eggs for our trip. tomorrow, i forge ahead with two children under my wing all day while we prepare to leave for tyler in the evening. i did some calculating and realized oliver's school schedule has been as follows:

four day week (friday off)
spring break
four day week (monday off)
four day week (good friday)
four day week (random monday off i do not know why)

seriously. that's five partial weeks in a row. i'm starting to understand why everyone at that school has a nanny.

i'm including something here that i meant to do last summer, but i suppose i must've gotten caught up dealing with the dirty work that is raising the newborn i so magically created. aftermath. oliver was going to that lutheran church for summer care and the first week was entwined with their vacation bible school. for some reason, there was a robot theme and he would bring home things like the following. i don't guess i ever really looked at this one and came across it the other day and realized how fantastically inappropriate it seems for small children.


i think it speaks for itself.

but in case it doesn't... get a load of that one guy's face and check out the robot in the corner.

brian told me jesus also turned oak leaves into marijuana.
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