changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the final nail in spring break.

i love watching violet's sense of humor develop. she thinks high fives are funny. she also thinks peek-a-boo is funny, but i imagine there's no surprise there. well, i mean there's a surprise in peek-a-boo, but not in the fact that an infant would find it amusing. we played a little game last night where i was kissing her cheek and making ridiculous noises. she eventually started taking turns by putting her tiny, open mouth on me and making ridiculous noises and would screech when i screeched. it's almost like she's a real person.

oliver had one last, weird day of spring break yesterday and brian was returning to work after a week off, so i decided to pack the three of us up and head to my sister's for the day. i was tearing the house apart looking for both my regular set of keys and the spare key for my car and coming up totally empty-handed. i made one last plea to brian for help, as i finally remembered he had had them last. and there they were. in his car. in frisco. fortunately, i finally thought to look one drawer down from where i normally store the spare keys and found my extra car key. i wasn't trapped at home with children after all!

i made a game of scooping the poop of my sister's dachshund with a little shovel and tried to imitate her maneuver of throwing it deftly over the privacy fence which sits atop a small stone wall. my first shovelful pounded itself into the fence. another shovelful went straight up into the air and threatened to rain down upon my hair. it was hard work.

we both possess the picking gene, so we put it to good use pulling weeds. at which point my sister discovered the thing the dachshund had been playing with earlier was not a bug, but a small snake. A SNAKE. RIGHT BY WHERE WE HAD BEEN SITTING. i couldn't even look at the thing without squealing as she tried to pick it up with a stick. i noticed oliver mimicking me with his hands up on his cheeks and saying, "OH GOD!" in front of my christian sister. my sister proceeded to tell me of watching a scene in the life documentary where a hundred snakes come out of hibernation and writhe about in a big ball of disgustingness. i cannot believe i did not have a single nightmare.

my niece, ashleigh, has some kind of ridiculous schedule where she goes to school from 7am until noon or 1:00 and then comes home and watches tv in pajamas, so she spent a lot of time cuddling with violet. in the meantime, oliver beat the shit out of dylan's drums and rearranged every last piece of his weight bench set.
violet's back is breaking out in all kinds of eczema. that's what i get for procreating with the eczema man.

i got an email yesterday indicating violet had turned nine months on sunday. and here i thought she was only 8 1/2. seriously, i don't even remember who this kid is.

even this kid is looking different (from the end of last summer):

i have finally stolen all of brian's iphone photos away to the computer.

last august at the duck pond, shortly before being pursued by a hungry flock after having spent all their bread monies.

at the science and nature museum. brian tells me oliver particularly enjoyed the display where you could push a button and make the guy in the picture throw up.

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