changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i cannot sleep. there were lots of bodily functions at the galleria today.

hello, there. it is 2:30am and i cannot sleep. and i have children, three of them, who don't allow me to sleep in.

just stopping by to report that, after several weeks of activity not quite registering on the eating scale, violet has decided she likes the zingy taste of applesauce. she's embracing the shudder it produces within her.

on two occasions today, she willfully opened her mouth for more bites than i could count.

she also pooped in public again. we took oliver (and violet) to the galleria playland this morning. the second brian took off to get himself some coffee, oliver looked agitated and i uncovered that he needed to pee. brian refused to answer his phone, so i packed the three of us up and went to the family room. at this point, there was no denying the poo smell coming from violet's pants and i pulled them down to check the leg hole, as the upper regions were not registering the devastation. and there it was.

i got oliver taken care of on the miniature toilet. fortunately, he was in want to pee standing up, so i didn't have to set violet down and risk crying and/or poo spreading. i then witnessed the irony that was no changing table in the children's restroom or family restroom. or women's restroom. wow. i had to haul them into the handicapped stall and clear the car seat out of the stroller to use that. at which point, i realized i had no diaper bag with me. i called brian again and he answered this time and i demanded he locate a plastic bag. fortunately, there was an extra cover, so i just wrapped the whole mess up in the original cover.

i did not come here to talk about diapers.

anyway, we went back to the playland and weren't there more than five minutes when this seven year old boy starts barfing his guts out. it was like a movie. just a big, orange stream with chunks and it just kept going and going and he was making total made up barf noises, poor thing. his siblings barely missed a beat and just kept running around like maniacs, including a sister who was built exactly like a wide and low locomotive. i watched her hurl herself straight over the plasticene zebra like she was a piece of lumber.

the mother showed up with two heaping armfulls of toilet paper, or something, and they were cleaning away while all the other parents tried to act cool and the security guard spoke commands into his shoulder so that a cleaning lady would show up. i was pretty sure i could feel myself coming down with a virus immediately.

we decided to relocate, just in case the hippo was a carrier of the virus. we were gifted a sanitary wipe by another escaping family when brian discovered the hand sanitizer dispenser was empty. we all sat there, sanitizing our children. and slowly running away like we were about to leave anyhow.

we walked to old navy so i could induce rage about my body, and it worked. and then we walked back to the tables overlooking the ice rink so oliver could eat his burrito. they played all the single ladies twice in a row and i kept expecting to look down and see line dance skating.

we finally got the hell out of there and oliver threw himself on the floor of nordstrom screaming, "I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME," and brian picked him up and we took him home.

everyone but brian napped. i suggested brian and oliver go to taco bueno for dinner and then brian took oliver to central market for an encore performance of the tantrum in the express checkout lane.

i did not come here to type any of that.

i just cannot sleep. eleven minutes later.
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