changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

we had more kicks at the parade than the soccer game.

well, he didn't stand completely still for the one period he was on the field. he walked very slowly in whichever direction the ball was. and looked super sad and stayed silent the rest of the time. then, he talked 90mph on the drive home.

my sister's family showed up and followed us back to our hovel. i actually let them in, despite the disturbing level of uncleanliness existing inside. and then we walked down the road to the greenville avenue st patrick's day parade, which was already underway. my sister claims there was a college student puking in a flower bed somewhere in there. we stood around for thirty or forty-five minutes while oliver sat on uncle jeff's shoulders and added to his bead collection.

a soccer team friend's mother told me her five year old son was handed a condom at the parade last year and she called everyone in the dallas political phone book. today, it was the usual rivers of spilled beer pushing barges of party debris downstream under cigarette smoke clouds.

a girl we knew from high school stood 20 paces away from us. apparently she lives a block away from me.

everyone's passed out now. except for me, of course.

consoling/warming up oliver on the sidelines.

brian and ashleigh pray for violet's socks.

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