changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

goings on: waving. hemming. hawing.

did violet just wave at herself in the mirror? three times? let's say so.

for the last week or so, she's been delighting in giving me "baby kisses", which means she likes to approach my face with hers while her mouth is wide open and then gnaws on my jawbone. i kind of get little baby hugs, too.

she cracks me up when she's about to get nursings and i only have my shirt halfway up and she thinks my boob is on my belly. or when she roots around on my arm during the night in her half sleep. oliver is still calling boobs bellies.

i discovered this morning that the old Just Brakes a half mile down the road is now going to be called The Rusty Taco. i am excited by this as it's easy walking distance, there is one vegetarian taco (which only costs $2) and the beers are relatively inexpensive. there is also something called Margarita Mondays and Outdoor Seating. and here i thought it was turning into a Mobil station, assuming Mobil still exists. who knows.

months and months ago, the HOA sent us a nasty-gram saying someone's been bitching about our post-modern orange blob curtains, i'm sorry: "bedspreads", and don't we know they're supposed to be white on the outside? so, we got some at ikea and proceeded to think about doing something for ages, especially since brian already wanted to do that in the first place as he's the one who had thrown the original white sheers in the trash. he finally used the hem tape and did a fancy job of pseudo-hemming them, as i am afraid of trimming and folding things into a straight line so that i can actually sew a hem. and, of course, the hem tape failed, as it does, and i found it in a pile on the floor after awhile. i just now dug out my sewing machine and i'm not sure if it speaks to my level of laziness or my capacity for efficiency and resourcefulness that i did not even bother removing the drapes from the drape rod to hem them.

violet sat on the couch and took turns watching me and superwhy (the secret word, or whatever, for little boy blue was "resourceful"!) and baby einstein's language nursery. she was very accommodating and didn't cry or even fall off the couch. i also managed to fold a basket of towels and tried to clean up some of the debris oliver creates on a daily basis with his magical blue scissors.

i created an oliver cocktail with my findings.


it's Oliver Cocktail Thursdays around here. get a load of that hem work.

oliver's first soccer practice, scheduled for yesterday evening, was postponed due to sunshiny weather and a soggy field. reconvene tomorrow night. same time, same place.
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