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the duck pond: a walking tour. bonus photos included.

i took a walk with violet today. we went up to the duck pond and took the extended tour. i was looking forward to sitting on the pond-side bench. however, only over the past week have the trees begun to show their desire to unfurl shady leaves from their new buds and thusly is the bench in open sun. instead, i stopped and sat on a retaining wall and read daniel handler's adverbs for about three minutes, until violet woke up and i felt threatened.

there was a mother turkey duck there with her little, fluffy, yellow baby duckling. the baby stuck to her like glue. they went swimming. they explored a little patch of land next to the water. the mother set the baby up on a corner of the grass by the sidewalk so she could look frightened and ready to do battle if you posed a threat.

on the way back, i thought about how i was becoming a fraction smaller. a tiny little bit of me was poofing off into the air as heat. and then i constructed a new theory on global warming.

i went to the ikea yesterday. beforehand, i met brian at the kwik kar where he was having the wipers on his car untangled. this was good as it was a nasty weather day yesterday, until the sun broke through around 6pm while it was still raining. i always loved that as a kid. the raining and the sunning simultaneously.

i took brian back to work and then violet and i headed up the road. i purchased some of that fancy, narrative fabric they've got up there and noticed how they had framed pieces of it up in the example children's quarters. i see it in my future. i accidentally purchased this tray with fruit-colored birds drawn on it, for what purpose i do not know. my main goal was to find magazine files for my countless adult-type papers. and i did.

at the check out, the mother and daughter, who had been standing nearby as the ikea-slave cut my fabric, approached me and asked if i was my mother's daughter. and i was! i fancied i knew who they were, but hesitated to say so, thereby forcing them out first. it was the englands. up for a day trip. mother england showed me she was carrying a stack of bird trays for her classroom. i showed her mine in a gesture of solidarity.

i walked violet on over to the sliding doors in order that we might be released from the possibilities of ikea and i saw it was a torrential downpour going on outside. i stood there dumbfounded for a bit and then decided there was no way it was going to stop in good time and i would just have to suck it up. i exploded my umbrella and wondered if it would survive against the winds which were making the raindrops proceed at 45 degree angles.

i was carrying many things. the umbrella, my overstuffed bag, my purse, a baby. so i decided to just slap all of us at once into the driver's seat. it took some doing, throwing the baby over to the passenger side and trying to haul the bags across myself, and the interior of my door became soaked. and then, as if the weather had just been waiting for the signal, i slammed shut my door and watched the rain come to a halt.

there are men out on my balcony today. they are tearing up the world-weary astroturf that's been sitting around for decades, i guess. they're replacing it with some kind of modern, high-tech polymer that was described to us on a hand out from the property management company several weeks ago. i would like to ask them to pitch the surface so that the heavy rains won't water our door and so that we might experience the pleasure that is creating a waterfall into ann's back yard. i wonder if they're replacing the astroturf she uses as a lawn.

violet is pinching the soft flesh that lives on the underside of my arm with her pointy nails.

as always, enjoy some photos.

this fellow was serenading me on a rancid cashew, which had been sitting out for weeks in that pot, with some pine nuts, after sitting around for months in my kitchen. he enjoyed them immensely while luxuriating on the withering astroturf of yesterday.


a very poor photo of violet trying to recreate the moment of pulling up the first time, which had occurred only minutes prior. notice she has the feet of a hobbled contortionist. she is not really as gargantuan as indicated here. it is all a matter of perspective.

after a tiring morning of pulling up, violet relaxes in her crib and takes out her frustrations on sophie giraffe.

from our previous walk, the one where we were nearly killed by traffic because the sidewalks are overrun with branches. this does not do it justice.

from the day of the walk of the branches. violet is new to the swings. i like to take two photos of the same thing always.

one of my latest hobbies is photographing babies in shopping carts.

violet pooped at the ikea. i took some time for myself in the large restroom prior to clean up and disposal. she enjoyed watching herself in the mirror in the meantime.

the mother and baby ducks. you kind of have to blow them up (with the magnification feature!) to appreciate the downy cuteness.


violet did this most of the way home. i finally had to drop back a little to avoid eye contact as she was growing cranky from me not finding her too cute to leave sitting in there.

paired with the fragrant buds of the semen trees, we see here my favorite kind of grass. it has risen.
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