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there are vitamins at the parks these days.

violet and i just took a walk to the nearest park. it's super close, when you're driving your car. it's thirty minutes, when you're driving your feet.

it's a beautiful, sunshiny day. a high expected in the lower 60s. still enough to produce some sweat in the armpits of brian's jacket. i like to satisfy when he goes to sniff them before putting one on.

we only spent about 15 minutes at the park. violet swung in the swing and looked like she was having a spectacular time. then i swung her on my lap on a big kid's swing. i sensed i might have to pee before too long and had no idea how to navigate the portable restroom with a baby without giving us a disease, so we headed back.

we were afforded a lovely dose of vitamin D.

it was treacherous goings as the sidewalks are still lined with a ridiculous amount of broken branches from the snowtastrophe. i had to keep wheeling out into the road to get around them. some piles were 7 feet high. i took their pictures, but my camera is far out of reach now.

yesterday afternoon, i treated oliver with a trip to lakewood park on the way home from school. he refused to remove his wednesday necktie and looked like he had just finished up with a meeting in the board room. at church school. i was smart enough to have him pee before we left school this time. he went down the big slide, the one i'm envious to try, but fearful i'll get up there and find my butt is wider than the chute. oliver raced across the neighboring field to the big tree and back. i dodged him and wouldn't let him catch me. i told him the lake was just over the hill and down the sidewalk and he wanted to see, so i showed him. the top of the hill is between the concrete walls of a bridge where a train once ran. the tracks are no longer overhead, but i took oliver to the top of the hill to show him the remaining cross ties. he said, "let's go back to the playground."

we went back down the big hill and i was a little alarmed to learn he had no idea which way was the park, even though he could clearly see the way to the lake. i tried to teach him some reasoning skills, in case we ever became separated and he had to live by his wits for a time, or find his way home like a labrador. it didn't go well, so i said, "see? the park's over there." and he was pleased.

he realized he had lost his dandelion flower, but still had the stem from the dandelion feather ball he'd blown apart. the only of it's kind out there. i searched the little field for another while he became entranced by this man standing in the middle of a gaggle of children. they were using a hand pump to inflate these odd, ridged, hotdog-shaped balloons. each child would get a turn to hold a balloon and try to get it to shoot up to the sky while making an impolite noise. oliver wouldn't budge, except to move imperceptibly closer to the gaggle, until he was finally standing right next to them. the man didn't seem to be paying him any attention, so i began hollering his name and asking him to come watch by me. i was ignored, but eventually the man informed the children oliver was about to have a turn. and he did have a turn. the balloon of the boy who turned after oliver went high high high in they sky and almost breached the power lines. it was exciting.

i was finally able to convince oliver to return his empty balloon to the man and had him say "thank you" by having me say, "tell the man thank you for letting you have a turn."

my homegrown clover and alfalfa sprouts are delicious with sweet chili sauce. and raw okra.
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