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early childhood development.

i am so far behind on posting about the development of my children.

probably three weeks ago, violet started lifting her little arms up when you came to pick her up. so stinking cute to have them express wanting to be held. in a way that doesn't involve ear-piercing screams.

she's also been doing that thing where they take one pointer finger and examine an object and then get the other pointer finger in there, like they're little jewelers or something, and they're being all super delicate with their two pointer fingers just before they drag that object straight into their gaping maws, like hungry little animals.

also for three or four weeks, i lose count of time so badly, she's been hanging on to my fingers and pulling herself up. i've been trying to teach her to fall on her bottom so i don't have to have a heart attack about her falling straight back like a board when she starts standing in earnest. she would probably be pulling herself up on the bars of the crib if would hang out for a couple of minutes in there instead of screaming the second i set her in there. this morning, she was sitting on oliver's bed while i wrangled him into his school clothes and then she went and pulled herself right up on the safety bed rail thing. i tried to get her to do it again while the eyes of the cameras watched, but her feet kept slipping down between the rail and the mattress.

the eating of solid foods trudges along at a snail's pace. she rejected the sweet potatoes and acts like applesauce is a pile of lemon rinds. she's not fond of banana or stewed pears or baby oatmeal. the only foods she's taken any kind of liking to are apple and pear slices. i'm going to try the baby oatmeal again today with a heaping helping of breast milk. i said the same thing yesterday.

i'm forgetting things.

oliver continues to call us mister mommy and mister daddy. he's working real hard on his pronoun usage and it's endlessly entertaining. he told me yesterday that uncle mara has 12 red shirts and uncle don (it's not uncle donnie), well, she is very tall. he's been going around here either stealing catalogs from the mail, or making them himself from paper, and then rolling them up and putting rubberbands around them. they're stacked up all over the place like piles of firewood. he's at that super obsessive age. a couple of weeks ago, we came home from target and they had put those ridiculous tape handles on our paper towels and toilet paper. oliver stole them and then proceeded to have make five or six more of our own. he flaunted them the other day. "i have a lot of handles." they've been dangling off the side of his dresser and making me nuts. and then, after rekindling our old game last saturday of pushing him in the swing and passing a piece of paper or a credit card back and forth, he made like 15 "swing games" out of post it notes he colored, rolled, and scotch taped. add in his immense enjoyment of cutting paper into small pieces and you can imagine how i am swimming in all manner of debris around here.

violet just watched her first squirrel jumping and running up and down the tree outside our window. i'll miss that tree someday. and that baby.
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