changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

update to OUT

you may remember (or may not as it were) that i posted the following on tuesday:
yesterday, the highlight of my day was letting bruce out to pee and looking for suggestive ads from OUT magazine to leave underneath darren's pillow.

here is an update from darren email:
Wilma left some icky-looking red beans (I love red beans, but these looked gross...), some quiche (flat and odd-looking as well...), and some cornbread muffins for you last night. Oh, wait, those were for me. Do you want to know what else she did yesterday? She made my bed. As a new twist, she placed a very old copy of OUT magazine behind my pillow shams (Ewan McGregor on the cover...), facing open to an advertisement of some beach resort with scantily clad men on it. Now, the magazine has been on my coffee table for months, and while it may be shocking to some that it says something risqué on the cover, is that really anything new in my house? I was REALLY perplexed. Poor, Bible-beating Wilma is probably at home praying for me right now.

should i tell him the truth? does he not remember that i was in his home and i enjoy putting things under his pillows even if i did find them out in the yard?
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