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valentine's day party: the denoument.

what a lazy livejournaler i've been. i just found this sad, little half-post sitting about out there on my way to finding my other sad, little half-post that's been sitting out there.

when we left off, oliver's valentine's day party at school was postponed until the following tuesday, as a result of avalanches and dead presidents. this was the day after violet had shit on my pants. before the party, i decided to brunch on some left over chili and managed to spill some on my leg. twice. so, i exited the house wearing my shit and chili pants. oliver's mom: classy lady.

after i dropped oliver off that morning, i drove way the hell up to the galleria. oliver had worn his mardi gras necklaces up there the day before and daddy had placed them in one of his shoes at the playland. they disappeared into the ether. i was hoping they might still be there. to my dismay, i learned the mall did not open until 10am. i drove way the hell back home until it was party time.

i showed up a little late with violet and attached her to the front of my rounded belly with multiple strappings, sort of a like a baby girdle, and we entered the party zone. oliver was down at the eatery end of the room and i learned the party had gotten underway early. this made me nervous as every single party ever at the school features trays of chik-fil-a nuggets. i moseyed on over to oliver and watched him nibble on a peanut butter cookie like a little squirrel. a mother came up to me to let me know he'd had a muffin and grapes as well. she had offered the nuggets to him twice [it was here that i nearly fell over], but he had refused [it was hear that i wiped sweat from my brow]. if i had walked in and seen my son covered in chikn leg grease, i would have shit enough bricks to build a house.

anyway, i sat on a tiny chair, with a baby sitting on me, and watched oliver finish up. then we took ourselves on over to the crafting tables. oliver had already painted his hands white and pressed them down on a construction paper heart. he had already filled three plastic hearts with colored sand. so we made a pipe cleaner and cupcake paperlet flower and then stamped and stickered a card. oliver dutifully went out to the hall and placed these in his cubbie and i wondered how likely children are to get it in their heads to go on adventures out the nearby front door and into the parking lot. tastes of freedom, you know.

violet and i took off to let oliver do something with the other children on a red rug which precedes lunchtime.

after that, i drove way the hell up to the galleria and this time, they let me in. i walked through the juniors department at nordstrom and tried to make sense of the overwhelming presence of clothing with awful floral prints reminiscent of the early 90s. like, everything was covered in awful floral prints. is this what i'm going to be wearing in two years?

anyway, i went to look for the necklaces and found none. however, that friday, i met brian, rachel, and nichole at gatti town to celebrate his birthday late and brian stole three more mardi gras necklaces. oliver was pleased.

this concludes your valentine's day 2010 announcements.

oliver and the ladies. and, more importantly, the peanut butter cookie.

elizabeth appeared to be standing watch as oliver put crafts into his cubbie in the hall.

we made A LOT of valentine's. these are just the ones for class.

violet was tired, yet prim, after the party.

gatti town bumper cars.
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